Journal Auditorium
Journal Auditorium
Type Ukraine Journal of Distance Education
Format on-line
Editor Valentin A. Savelii
Founded 1998
Language Ukraine Russian English
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Official Web site [1]

Journal Auditorium( «Журнал Аудиторія»)- Ukrainian research and teaching journal. Ukraine Journal of Distance Education

Subjects edition[]

Periodical is reviewed, available for viewing by technology and Internet Resources.

The journal specializes in creating and publishing multimedia courses and creating virtual learning environment for distance education-based distance learning systems that support the international standard SCORM.

Each section of the magazine is devoted to a certain level of education (secondary, higher, etc.) and has units. A separate unit includes an electronic textbook or distance courses from the separate subject of physics, chemistry, etc. and full interaction with the reader as to the Distance Learning: e-mail (including mailing lists), web forums,blogs, chat and ICQ (service)TV and videoconferencing, wikis, etc.

Journal of Education has developed a philosophy of social constructivism and focused primarily on the interaction between teacher and students, although suitable for the organization of traditional distance learning courses, as well as support for full-time and distance learning.

Technologically, the magazine created based on Moodle. a LMS (Learning management system) distributed as open source software that permits customizations and provides for access by e mobile telephones mLearning.


Journal Auditorium was founded in 1998 in Odessa, and re-registered in 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine.

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