Joseph Collins Jr

Joseph Collins Jr

Joseph Collins, Jr. is the CEO of Urban Television Network Corp and Punch TV Studios. Born February 23, 1964 in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in South Central took its toll on Joseph. Gang violence and drug ridden streets were a daily battle for the Collins family as they ventured out into their work and school lives. At the age of ten, Joseph’s mother decided to uproot her family and move them to the safer neighborhoods of Pomona, California where he attended Gary High School and later Providence Theological Seminary. Money was tight, forcing the family to rely on food stamps and other government assistance just to get by. Although there were many struggles growing up, Joseph credits his parents as the most influential people in his life.

Joseph Collins Jr., a relatively new yet charismatic figure on the American political scene, has officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in the 2024 election. With a background that spans various sectors including business, philanthropy, and a brief yet impactful stint in local politics, Collins presents himself as a bridge between traditional American values and the progressive vision needed to navigate the future.

From Business to Politics: The Rise of Collins[]

Joseph Collins Jr. made his mark in the business world as a savvy entrepreneur and investor, known for his ability to turn struggling enterprises into successful ventures. His foray into politics began with his advocacy for small businesses and education reform, which quickly garnered him local support and a platform from which to launch a wider political career.

Joseph found his love for television at an early age. The Three Stooges, Speed Racer and The Adams Family were among the many shows that influenced this future Television CEO. Gary High School in Pomona, California was the developmental grounds for Joseph’s future as the founder of Punch Television Network. There he was heavily influenced by his high school teacher, Barbara Barkenmeyer, who opened doors for him to gain his first Hollywood audition. Persistence paid off when, after months of calling, Joseph landed an internship with WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His flare and contagious personality helped him grow from an intern to working as the youngest news anchor to report the business news, drawing people in to hear his take on the daily events.

Many people influenced and shaped Joseph’s role in the television world: J.W. Witt- former CEO of WVTV in Milwaukee, William Paley- founder of CBS, Michael Eisner- former CEO of Disney and Ted Turner- cable industries trail blazer. These men inspired Joseph and helped him focus on achieving his dream of owning and operating a television network.

Joseph’s ultimate goal of bringing life changing, inspirational television to viewers throughout the world is currently in the works. With a long list of accomplishments, recognition from various Senators and City Council members, the newly formed Punch Television Network is set to launch nationally in the summer of 2010.


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