Johnny Yuma
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Background Texas Ranger turned Train Robber
Trademark Features Seen in a Western outfit with a string cowboy hat on his head. Excellent Lasso Handler. A one-time train robber.
Extra Specialty Sundown's ex-"pardner" who turned to a life of crime and became a train robber because of his greed. He escaped from prison to get even with Sundown for putting him away, only to find reconciliation, redemption, and renewal of his "pardner"-ship with him after seeing the error of his ways.
Significant Episode Appearances Only one: The Case of The Pardner in Crime

Johnny Yuma is one of the supporting characters of C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) animated series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character Profile[]

Johnny was once part of a duo of the most feared tandem of law enforcing sheriffs in all of Texas. When he and Sundown showed up, the crooks cleared out. No one dared to challenge them - not even to a gunslinging battle. Johnny, however, got greedy and began to steal the same loot he and Sundown recovered from thieves. Sundown caught him in the act and tried to catch him. Johnny escaped, however, leaving his badge behind for Sundown to take and keep to remind him of his wayward "pardner". From there, Johnny robbed many trains. According to Mainframe, Johnny robbed more trains than anyone else in Texas. After tracking him down for about a year, Sundown finally caught Johnny and put him into prison, where Johnny nursed a grudge against Sundown, determined to get even with him any chance he gets. Later on, Johnny escapes and head to Empire City to challenge Sundown to battle and rob The Silver Bullet Express train along the way. Johnny is seen in his western outfit with a stringed cowboy hat on his head and is, like Sundown, an excellent lasso handler.

Character Highlights[]

Johnny is seen in only one episode.

The Case of The Pardner in Crime[]

Johnny escapes from prison and travels to Empire City for some unfinished business involving a revenge showdown against his ex-"pardner" Sundown. Sundown, who heard about what happened, vows to do whatever it takes to stop him. Sundown wants no help from his fellow C.O.P.S. officers. He would rather stop Johnny alone. Sundown heads to the Crime Museum where he sees Johnny steal a lasso from a mannequin version of himself as part of the Western Heroes exhibit and tries to convince him to give up his crooked ways and go back to the side of the law. Johnny refuses. He lassos and straps Sundown to a mechanical bull and left him there. Then, Turbo Tu-Tone came along and brought it to life. The bull goes out of control, trashing the museum while giving Sundown a crazy ride on its back. Sundown sends out a distress signal alerting Mainframe and Barricade to trace the signal's origin. Barricade tries to stop the bull with his MULE but, it was too strong and fast for him. The bull finally stop eventually when Mainframe pull the plug on it, shutting off its power. The two C.O.P.S. free Sundown and tries to confront Sundown over the matter about Johnny. Sundown refuses to back down even when he's told he's off the case, insisting he take on Johnny alone and makes this point by lassoing Mainframe and Barricade, tie them up to an old street sign which is part of a museum exhibit, and leaves them there to struggle themselves free.

Johnny was then confronted by Berserko, Buttons McBoomBoom, Turbo, and Rock Krusher, who were ordered by Big Boss to have Johnny join up with his crooked gang. Johnny rejects their offer and disposes them in a lake before going out to rob The Silver Bullet Express of its million dollar cargo. Upset over the refusal, the crooks immediately set off to go rob the train before Johnny does. Inside a long dark tunnel, as Johnny was in the process of robbing the train, Sundown confronts Johnny again. The two struggled briefly before encountering Big Boss' crooks engaging themselves in a gunslinging fight against the two cowboys. Things began to heat up when Johnny and Sundown are forced to take cover, seeing the crooks move in to knock out the armed guards and take possession of the loot inside the car that Johnny had captured from the train. It is at this point where Johnny begins to see the error of his ways and agrees to team up with Sundown just like during the days of old and take down the crooks. They succeeded in rounding them up and tying them to their air speeders as the rest of the C.O.P.S. come along and prevent Turbo, who tried unsuccessfully to sneak out, from escaping Sundown and Johnny and placed him under arrest. Thus, they stopped the robbery and saved the cargo.

Later, as the crooks were taken up into the paddywagon to be hauled away, Johnny talked with Sundown and wants to make amends for what he did as a criminal. Sundown offered to give back his old sheriff's badge if he wishes to become a law enforcer once again. Johnny, touched by Sundown offer, graciously accepts and renewed his partnership with Sundown. Then, Johnny went back to prison to serve the rest of his sentence, returned all of the items he stole back to their rightful owners, and resumed his role as one of the best Texas Rangers in the Wild, Wild West.

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