Joey Rainbow
Portrayed by Alex O'Han
Duration 1996-1999
First appearance 20 June 1996
Episode 1949
Last appearance 11 May 1999
Episode 2612
Gender Male
Occupation Student

Joey Rainbow was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by actor Alex O'Han between 1996 and 1999.

Character's background[]

Joey first appeared in Summer Bay, after fleeing his father, Saul Bennett's commune. People were initially suspicious of Joey, as his father had previously kidnapped Selina Roberts. But Joey managed to prove he wasn't like his father and was fostered by Irene Roberts, Selina's foster mother and began living at the beach house with Irene, Selina and Chloe Richards.

Joey was a reasonably clever person, for somebody who had never set foot outside of the shelter world of the commune.

Joey took an interest in Casey Mitchell, only to find that she was interested in his friend, Liam Tanner.

Sometime later, Saul had returned to the Bay and tried to come after Selina and Joey once more. This culminated in a huge fire at the commune.

When it was revealed that new girl Tiegan Brook began having reading difficulties, Joey stepped in to help her and they later began dating.

In 1998, during Joey's exams, he had a complete personality change; he had become moody and withdrawn and even had an outburst during one test. Things got worse during 1999 when Joey tried to smother Irene with a pillow, but was stopped by Chloe and local doctor, James Fraser.

Joey had begun seeing visions of Saul (who had died a year or so previously after being shot by police constable, Terri Garner). Saul told him that Irene and her new foster children Will and Hayley Smith were against them and they needed to be gotten rid of.

After realising he needed help, Joey agreed to be sectioned and checked into a mental facility. Joey later recovered. While staying with the Stewarts when Irene was out of town, Alf and Ailsa's son Duncan, who had developed a devious personality, had taken the meat cleaver and planted it in the room where Joey was staying. Joey found the cleaver and walked out of the room with it, only to be caught by Ailsa who assumed the worst. Fortunately, things were cleared up.

Despite being eligible for university, Joey had decided to travel and left Summer Bay in mid-1999.