Jin Kisaragi
File:Jin Kisaragi.jpg
Official BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger artwork for Jin Kisaragi.
First game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Created by Toshimichi Mori/Yuuki Katou
Voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara (JP),

David Vincent (ENG)

Another character in the first installment of "BlazBlue". Jin Kisaragi is the brotherly-bond to Ragna the Bloodedge. He works for the all ruling society known as the "Library" of which he answers to, but this time around his plans are different. Instead of following the mission the "Library" was supposed to have given him, Jin hasn't been seen at the missions post by his partner, Noel Vermillion. Ragna has been sighted somewhere near the city of Kagutsuchi.Jin, hearing this, rushes to the scene of any possible site of where Ragna has been spotted. As this resides, when it comes to Ragna; Jin's objective is completely changed. Jin is being pursued by Noel, who was given order to obtain Jin and bring him back to "Library" post. Jin, just like his brother, likes to be left alone by bothersome things. In his time Jin is said to have completed many high ordered missions the "Library" has given him. Jin has natural blond hair, wears a long blue-halve dressed cloak, a white Gi, and wields a long katana-like blade.

Story Mode[]

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"Frost Bite"[]

Allows Jin to change the "partial atmosphere" degree below zero; therefor controlling and creating ice. Able to freeze his opponents in pillars of ice which come in contact with his blade or body. For long range he can use "Frost Bite" to fire projectile-like weapons, like his attack "Hishouken" which takes the form of a sword. This power affects him greatly for his lightning fast swordplay, allowing a number of combos to be executed and having immense power to do so (storywise). Jin is no doubt, a very powerful and dangerous man to fight.


  • Jin idolizes Ragna, his brother, and has always looked up to him.
  • His attitude is a very selfish and jealous one. Anything he desires he tries his best to seize it.
  • In his arcade ending, Jin vows to kill V#13 after she tells him Ragna has already "passed".
  • His fighting style is most notably like Kenshin from the "Sengoku Basara" ("Devil Kings") series, As they both are swift and controls ice. They even have similar fighting stances.