James "Jimmy" Taylor
First appearance Pilot
Created by Stephen Chbosky
Portrayed by Bob Stephenson
Gender male
Occupation Former Sheriff of Jericho
Family Margaret Taylor (Wife)
Children Woody Taylor (Son)
Sally Taylor (Daughter)

Jimmy Taylor is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. He is played by Bob Stephenson.

Jimmy Taylor is one of the few law enforcement officers left in Jericho after the pilot episode. With his partner Bill Kohler, he enforces the law in town. Throughout the series, Jimmy has patrolled with Eric Green. In Fallout, Jimmy and Bill were stuffed in the trunk of their Ford Crown Victoria police car while two escaped prisoners posed as them. Jimmy is born to Jericho and he has family in Jericho. Jimmy seems very fond of Robert Hawkins and it is not as much vice-versa. It is shown later in the series he briefly took over the position of the sheriff of Jericho. But following his injury during the battle with New Bern, he is relieved by Major Beck and Jake Green takes over the position of the sheriff of Jericho.