Jimmy Mance is a fictional character from the horror thriller/mystery show, Harper's Island. Jimmy Mance is portrayed by C.J. Thomason


Jimmy Mance as "The Old Flame".


Jimmy Mance is Abby's high school sweetheart. He is a local fisherman of Harper's Island. He is also Shane's best friend. He couldn’t be happier about the Wellington-Dunn wedding coming to Harper’s Island because it brings Abby back to the island. Abby never wrote or called when she left Harper's Island. The years have been difficult for Jimmy, and he did some things that Abby will find very surprising.

1st episode[]

Jimmy Mance is a local fisherman of Harper's Island.

He meets Abby, his high school sweetheart, on Harper's Island.

Shane says Jimmy is way too nice.

Jimmy checks the propeller of the boat to find a lace. The lace belonged to cousin Ben. Cousin Ben is tied on the bottom of the ship where he is killed by the propeller as the boat takes off.

Inside the inn bar, Jimmy and Abby play pool.

2nd episode[]

Jimmy goes hunting deer with Shane.

They found a dead deer on their truck with the word "psycho" smeared in blood.

Abby apologizes for what happened earlier. Jimmy says she doesn't need to apologize.

Henry invites Jimmy for a beach party, but Jimmy says he doesn't know.

4th episode[]

Jimmy leaves the Cannery Bar with Abby. Jimmy lets Abby drive his truck.

Nikki says Julia is Jimmy's "girl friend".

Jimmy and Abby go to Julia's house. Julia is an elderly woman and a local.

5th episode[]

Jimmy, Abby and Sheriff Mills goes to a cafe for breakfast.

Later, Abby tells Jimmy about the Wakefield murder articles she found. Jimmy says he does not know Sheriff Mills is still obsessing over John Wakefield.