Jeremiah Motors
Fictional Used cars & trucks dealership
Founded 2001
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
Key people
Joey Jeremiah
Products used cars & trucks

Jeremiah Motors is the name of a fictional used cars & trucks dealership seen in the teen television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Owned and operated by Joey Jeremiah, it first appears to be a local retailer however, in each appearance, it seems to have undergone major changes.


File:Jeremiah Motors 1.jpg

Jeremiah Motors' first appearance.


It is first seen in the series premier, with Joey trying to sell a car to Lucy and the number and quality of cars depicted, seem fairly limited. Joey employed the use of a very ridiculous advertisement (involving him ripping his shirt off), which was the subject of his friend's humour and Keith's criticism, who told Joey that it either makes or breaks a business and that he should hire a real actor to avoid the "shifty, used carsalesman vibe".[1]

"Hey! We got white ones, we got red ones, we got big ones, and we got small ones. If you buy it from me, I'm going to give you a one year guaranteed warranty. At Jeremiah Motors, if you find a lower price anywhere else, [ripping off shirt] I'LL GIVE YOU THE SHIRT OFF MY BACK!

Jeremiah Motors. We will not be undersold"

File:Jeremiah Motors 2.1.jpg

"If this car is a lemon, which it is not, I will give you a real lemon and let you squeeze it in my eyes"


Jeremiah Motors debutes yet again on the Season opener, "When Doves Cry". The business seems to expanded quite much showcasing numerous cars. Joey is seen making a sale but not before being interrupted by Albert Manning, who tells him that they should stay away from each other.

In the second season episode Drive, Jeremiah Motors is featured yet again, but with a compact, smaller look. While selling a car, Joey mentions that all his cars are certified and seemingly even goes to great lengths to deduct expenses, for the sake of making a sale. Craig is now a part-time employee and the business seems to be expanded, as it hosts about 14 publicly shown salescars. When Craig is assigned to drive a car out to be cleaned, he's later inspired to take the same car out when he and his friends break in for a Joyride

When Sean, Spinner, and Marco find out that Kid Elrick tickets are sold out, Craig comes along and invites them to his house for the weekend, as he would have the house to himself. Eventually being bored by the strict rules that Joey placed, Craig tells his friends about him taking the car across the lot, and how it was the "coolest thing he'd ever done". Spinner and Sean suggest to take the car out for a joyride the next day, with Spinner pointing out that Craig probably knows where Joey hides his keys. It is the next day, and the boys sneak into the lot to borrow the car. Entering the office to obtain the keys, they unbeknowingly trip the silent alarm, and the phone rings. Quickly leaving the office, the boys take out the car. And though it takes a while for it to start up, Craig manages to drive it out of Jeremiah Motors, and onto the open road. Hearing on the radio that a contest was being held in a nearby park for the sold out Kid Elrick tickets, the boys speed towards the park and win the tickets by answering a question successfully. When they return the car back to the lot, an angry Joey bursts out of his office and informs them of the silent alarm while dismissing Craig's friends.

File:Jeremiah Motors 3.jpg

Jeremiah Motors' third appearance.


Jeremiah Motors debuts again when Spinner is buying his first car in Part One of the Season 4 premier, Ghost in the Machine, Part 1. Now a much more expansive and grander business, home to about 40 or more cars in a wide, pristine parking lot.

Spinner ignores Craig's suggestive nicknames of "Sparky", "Kirby", and "Thomas" and decides to call his new car, the "Love Mobile". Paige is about to pour water on it to "Christen their new baby" when Joey tells them that they didn't own it yet, to which Spinner buys the tax-free red Chevrolet Lumina for $2700 (equivalent of working for 386 miserable hours, according to his calculations).


File:Jeremiah Motors 4.jpg

Jeremiah Motots' fourth appearance.

It was shown in season five's episode Weddings, Parties, and Anything, where Joey was showing a car to a 23 year old woman named Diane. Besides looking for a car, she was also looking for a band to play at her sister's wedding. Craig, who was currently with his band Downtown Sasquatch happened to be there.

Mottos, Quotes, and Sayings[]

"Best Deals on Wheels"
"The shirt off my back!"
"We will not be undersold"
"No credit, bad credit, no problem"


  1. Degrassi: The Next Generation Episode, "Mother and Child Reunion, Part 1", Episode One, Season One.
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