Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are two reality contestants that met on season 11 of the CBS reality Show Big Brother. Jeff was born June 5, 1978, and is currently an Ad salesmen from Chicago Illinois. Jordan was born November 21, 1986 and is a receptionist from Charlotte North Carolina. Jeff has aspiration in the entertainment field and has been pursuing the career for years which has included, modeling, commercials, print ads and a music video. Jordan career goals include returning to school to become a dental hygienist. Shortly after Big Brother's finale, Jeff and Jordan confirmed to the public that they were official dating long distance. Due to their popularity CBS cast them on another reality show, the sixteenth season of The Amazing Race. After filming of The Amazing Race finished, Jeff and Jordan, apart from the occasional fan appearances and chats have taken a hiatus from the spotlight, though rumors circulate that they will be back in the entertainment field, in some form in the summer of 2010.

Big Brother[]

Jeff initially auditioned for Big Brother with an ex-girlfriend who did not get chosen. Jordan, however, was recruited after being discovered at her previous waitressing job by CBS casting agents. Shortly after entering the house, Jeff and Jordan formed a friendship as well as an alliance. During the first week, Jeff was pitted against the majority of the house due to a misunderstanding about his involvement in the selection of that weeks nominees to be evicted. Jordan stayed loyal to Jeff against massive pressure to distance herself from him - a trait that Jeff admired in Jordan and cemented his loyalty to her as well. After four weeks of narrowly escaping eviction and fending off personal attacks from fellow contestants, Jeff was awarded a special power—the coup d'etat chosen by "America's Vote."[1] This power allowed Jeff to overthrow the current "head of household" and replace their nominees with ones of his own choosing. On the night the power was due to expire, Jeff used it to put fellow house guests Jessie Godderz and Natalie Martinez, another close knit duo in the house, on the block with the ultimate goal of getting Jessie evicted from the house. After Jessie's eviction, Jeff and Jordan continued their reign of power with their own "head of household" and "power of veto" wins, as well as ones of their other alliance members. But after Jeff and Jordan had eliminated their strongest competition in the house, Jeff was quickly targeted as the remaining biggest threat in the game. After losing power to fellow house guest Kevin Campbell, Jeff was nominated with Jordan for eviction, with Jeff the ultimate target to leave. After Jeff's eviction, Jordan carried on, avoiding the following eviction as she was thought to be a weak player and thus no threat. To the surprise of her fellow houseguests, Jordan won the last two final Head of Household Competitions and evicted Kevin, partly out of revenge for Jeff's eviction and also because he was a stronger player and she had less of a chance to win jury votes against him in the final 2. On finale night, Jeff, along with four other jury members and "America's vote," helped crown Jordan the eleventh winner of Big Brother as well as award her a check for $500,000. In addition, Jeff won the "America's Favorite Houseguest" prize of $25,000 by a record number of votes.[2],[3]

Finding Romance on Big Brother[]

From the first week on the show, broadcast viewers and Internet live feed subscribers saw an immediate connection between Jeff and Jordan. Jordan was worried about how her family would react to her becoming romantically involved with a man on TV and made every effort to keep her relationship with Jeff platonic. Despite Jeff's growing feelings for Jordan, he respected her choice and tried to keep his interactions with her to light flirting and the occasional kiss. Both Jeff and Jordan also felt concern over fact that they both lived in different states and how a relationship between them would survive outside the confines of the show. CBS recognized the romance forming and tailored their segments to show the slow but steady progression of their relationship, even interviewing both Jeff and Jordan's mothers who voiced their approval of their children's choices. Big Brother host Julie Chen made several efforts to provoke an admission from Jeff and Jordan about their feelings with little results. It was only after the threat of Jeff and Jordan being split apart, due to his eviction, did both open up more about their feelings. But it was not until a few days after the shows finale, when they finally admitted to their fans that they were officially dating.

Post Big Brother Life[]

After several exit interviews and various other press, Jeff and Jordan traveled to Vegas for an unofficial Big Brother 11 wrap party. On a live interview chat, conducted by Real Player and, Jeff and Jordan confirmed to fans that they were "together."[4] Prior to and shortly after Vegas, Jeff and Jordan were also invited to a few Hollywood events such as the CBS Fall TV premiere party and the Fox Reality Channel "Really Awards," where they were both nominated for "Best Reality Duo," which they also won.[5] They also appeared on The Bonnie Hunt Show and filmed a scene for CBS's soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.[6],[7] After their week in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and a short trip to Seattle for a RealPlayer Superpass sponsored live Q&A, Jeff and Jordan parted ways, finally returning to their respected homes to reunite with family and friends. Over the course of the next few months, Jeff and Jordan made several trips back and forth to Chicago and Charlotte, visiting each other and getting to know their family and friends. Jeff and Jordan also made several efforts to keep in contact with their fans via the social networking site Twitter as well as the occasional fan meet and greets and Charity Events.[8],[9]

The Amazing Race[]

Mid-November 2009, fans begun noticing a lack of communication from Jeff and Jordan. One fan from their fan site posted that they had been seen in Charlotte next to an "unmarked van" wearing matching outfits.[10] This prompted mass gossip about the possibility of Jeff and Jordan being on the next season of CBS's The Amazing Race. On November 28, the rumors were unofficially confirmed as they were spotted in racing gear and with a film crew at LAX.[11] For the next few weeks as The Amazing Race finished filming season 16, fans speculated and scoured the internet for news on how Jeff and Jordan were doing on the race. Eventually CBS confirmed they were indeed cast on the show after officially releasing The Amazing Race 16’s cast photos and bios on CBS's official Web site.[12]

The Amazing Race season 16 premiered on February 14, 2010. Jeff and Jordan started off strong, winning the first leg of the race as well as an all expenses paid trip to Vancouver, Canada. After their initial win, Jeff and Jordan struggled to keep their lead, falling further and further behind the pack each episode due to poor luck and poor choices. On the fourth leg in Hamburg, Germany, Jeff and Jordan escaped elimination due to the leg being a "non-elimination" leg. On the fifth leg, struggling to keep up, Jeff and Jordan had to perform an additional task, punishment for coming in last on the previous leg. However, Jeff and Jordan managed to survive that leg's elimination due to fellow racers Joe and Heidi being subjected to a "U-turn" and their inability to complete their task. The 5th leg, however, did take its toll on Jeff and Jordan as they fought with each other nearly the entire leg of the race. On the sixth leg, Jeff and Jordan could not overcome the large head start the other teams had on them and they were eliminated. They both seemed to "know" that this was their last leg and made every effort to keep their spirits up and finish strong. In the end, Jeff and Jordan agreed the race had made their relationship stronger and helped them both learn a lot about each other.

The Future[]

Currently, Jeff and Jordan are taking a break from the entertainment world, although rumors have not subsided about possible projects for the two or for Jeff as an individual. On March 15, 2010, a "tweet" was posted by a concert photographer who was attending "South by Southwest."[13] The post said that Anthony Soohoo, VP of CBS Interactive, had stated that Jeff would be the new star on the second season of Around the World for Free, a reality show created by Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan and Survivor alum Burton Roberts.[14],[15] No one involved on the project has confirmed this rumor, though they also have not denied its legitimacy either. On April 11th, 2010, Jeff attended the Streamy Awards, an award show devoted to Web-produced entertainment, with Alex Boylan, furthering the speculation that Jeff would be on the second season of Around the World for Free.


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