Jason Stackhouse is the older brother of Sookie Stackhouse, the main character of Charlaine Harris[1]' Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Jason Stackhouse is a man in his late twenties, tall, blond, and popular with the ladies. His best friend is Hoyt Fortenberry, and he is seen in Merlotte's regularly with Hoyt, getting a drink.

Jason in the Series[]

In Dead Until Dark, Jason is portrayed as Sookie's lovable-yet-troublesom older brother. He doesn't have a steady girlfriend, instead sleeping around with many women Sookie knows. When one of those women is found murdered, Jason comes under suspicion, eventually being arrested. The true identity of the killer is revealed, and Jason is released from jail.

In Living Dead in Dallas, Jason fills his role of older brother with a certain aplomb. He talks to Sookie when her relationship with Bill becomes strained.

Jason is not a major part of the third book in the series, Club Dead.

In Dead To The World, Jason is both a minor character and the center of a major plot of the book. In the book, Jason is abducted by a relative of his girlfriend, Crystal Norris. Much of the novel is Bon Temps' search for Jason. It is revealed that Crystal's relative (and suitor) kidnapped Jason so that he could repeatedly bite him, thus turning him into a type of werepanther. Because Jason was bitten, and not born, into the state of were, he does not fully turn into a panther at the full moon.

In Dead As A Doornail, Jason once again comes under scrutiny for crimes he didn't commit, though this time it's from the werepanther community in nearby town Hot Shot. A sniper has killed many Weres and shifters locally, and many believe Jason to be the killer because of possible anger at the shifters for his two-naturedness. This proves to be false (he loves the monthly transformation).

Definitely Dead is a serious book for Jason--his fiancèe Crystal Norris miscarries their child.

All Together Dead is possibly a pivotal point for Jason. He marries Crystal Norris and enters the Hot Shot community. He agrees to adhere to the code of the shifters, and if he doesn't and is unable to pay the consequences, his sister Sookie agrees to stand in for him, a choice that may have far-reaching consequences. Crystal is pregnant again.

Jason in "True Blood"[]

Jason Stackhouse will be portrayed by Ryan Kwanten in at least two episodes of Alan Ball's upcoming series based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries, "True Blood".[2]