Jagernauts are members of the J-Force, which is an ISC elite fighting division[1][2] composed of independent fighter pilots who engage in small squadron combat with the Eubians in the Saga of the Skolian Empire books by Catherine Asaro.

Jagernauts are psions with high Kyle Ratings, generally full empaths or even telepaths, with even a few Rhon serving as well. Their telepathic or empathic abilities mean that they function best when there is no crew (and their corresponding thoughts) to interfere with a Jagernaut's concentration. As such, they generally engage in battle in small squadrons, bound to their singe-pliot craft called "Jags"[3] in a near symbiosis of human and machine.

A Jagernaut is enhanced with biomechanics.[4][2] Bioplastics and other materials enhance their muscles and bones significantly. Although still requiring food, a Jagernaut has internal systems powered by a microfusion reactor.

Complete with the latest in small-scale technology, Jagernauts have numerous nanomeds and nano/pico devices in their bodies that are responsible for a number of functions, including promoting injury recovery, preventing the ingestion of poison, augmenting skills, delaying aging, and more. Jagernauts are renowned for their large size and efficiency in battle.

A Jagernaut has "psiphon" sockets which allow them to interface their body directly with spacecraft. Their mind links directly to the ship's EI, and together they control all aspects of the ship.[5]

Jagernauts ranks from highest to lowest[]

  1. Primary (equivalent to Admiral)[6]
  2. Secondary (equivalent to Colonel)
  3. Tertiary (equivalent to Major)
  4. Quaternary (equivalent to Second Lieutenant)

Very few Jagernauts achieve the rank of Primary, and each corresponding level has significantly more than the previous. As elite warriors each promotion step in J-force corresponds to several steps in more conventional forces such as the Pharaoh's Army, as shown above.

Typical assignments for Jagernauts involve either membership in a Jag fighter squadron or in a ground force, in either role known as a Warrior Quaternary through Primary. Occasionally a Jagernaut may be placed in a covert operation, this role known as Messenger Quaternary through Primary (eg: Sauscony Valdoria Skolia served some time as a Messenger Secondary). Higher-level Jagernauts serve as commanders of capital ships or even entire task forces.

While it is not required for an Imperator to have been a Jagernaut, the training is greatly helpful as the role of Imperator involves the ability to mentally hold and manipulate military assets while in the psiberweb (Jarac Skolia, while Imperator, was never a Jagernaut).

The main training academy for Jagernauts is the Dieshan Military Academy. The cadet ranks from lowest to highest are: Apprentice, Journeyman, Junior, and Senior.

Notable Jagernauts[]

Several members of the Skolian ruling family, the Ruby Dynasty, have pursued the Jagernaut career track, serving with distinction as either Imperators, capital ship commanders, or J-force squadron members:

  1. Kurj Skolia (Primary, served as Imperator, dead)
  2. Sauscony Lahaylia Valdoria Skolia (Primary, commander of Zabo Squadron, Imperator, presumed dead)
  3. Althor Izam-Na Valdoria Skolia (Secondary, squadron member, commanded Roca's Pride, presumed dead)
  4. Kelricson Garlin Valdoria Skolia (Tertiary, squadron member, later current Imperator)
  5. Althor Vyan Selei (Secondary, squadron member)

Mental problems[]

A Jagernaut exists on the razor's edge of sanity needing to balance loving empathy with efficient battle reflexes. The cause of the dichotomy involves the fact that having the necessary Kyle Rating presupposes the existence of empathy sufficient to allowing the Jagernaut to vividly feel the violent deaths of squadmates, enemy pilots, or even the ship's EI.[7] To maintain self-control every Jagernaut is trained to adhere to a strict moral code of honor and personal decency.

Not all succeed in maintaining a balance between humanity and efficiency, giving J-Force the highest alcoholism and suicide rates within the forces of the Skolian Imperialate. Some Jagernauts manage to survive by suppressing their more human side, becoming either cold and machine-like (Kurj), or living lives of quiet emotional desperation and loneliness (Sauscony).

Help is usually available to emotionally damaged Jagernauts in the form of military psychiatric therapists, known as "heartbenders".[8]

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