Izzy Hoyland
Portrayed by Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Duration 2003–2006, 2007
First appearance 1 September 2003
Episode 4317
Last appearance 29 March 2007
Episode 5179
Cause/reason Moved to England to raise her child
Nickname(s) Izzy
Jezebel (by Susan, Libby & Lyn)
Residence London

Isabelle "Izzy" Hoyland was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, portrayed by actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte, she first appeared in 2003, left in 2006 and returned briefly in 2007.

Izzy is the sister of Max Hoyland (Stephen Lovatt), and aunt to his children, Boyd (Kyal Marsh), Summer (Marisa Siketa) and Charlie (Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker).

Character's background[]


She arrived in Erinsborough in late 2003 to visit Max, and moved in with Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) after he broke up with Susan (Jackie Woodburne). For a long period, she claimed (falsely) that Karl was the father of her unborn baby. She seduced Jack Scully (Jay Bunyan) and had an affair with Gus Cleary (Ben Barrack), who was the biological father of her unborn child. She eventually miscarried. She then broke up with Karl, due to an affair with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), but got back together with him shortly afterwards. Darcy Tyler (Mark Raffety) discovered that the pregnancy was four weeks further along than Izzy claimed. He told her that he knew her secret and that he was going to tell Karl. Izzy spotted him in a car park one day and attempted to pay him off, but he refused to take any money. During the confrontation, Darcy fell down a flight of stairs, putting him in a coma. When he came out of the coma, he pretended to have forgotten about his discovery and played mind games with Izzy to see if she would tell the truth about the baby, or if she would own up to pushing him. When he revealed that he remembered what she had done, he forced her to give him a favourable testimony at his sentencing hearing in order to keep her secret safe. Before leaving town, Darcy revealed to Susan in a letter that based on the dates, Karl couldn't be the father of the baby. She forced Izzy to tell Karl the secret. When he found out Karl kicked her out, she disappeared, leaving Paul Robinson under suspicion for her murder. She was found alive, and Paul's name was cleared. She overcame a drug problem after she got into a relationship with Paul Robinson.

Paul and Izzy eventually moved in together, and when his daughter Elle (Pippa Black) later also moved in, she took an instant dislike to Izzy, even trying to lace her food with drugs to convince Paul that Izzy still had a drug problem.

She had an affair with Ned Parker (Daniel O'Connor), which was initiated in an attempt to get him out of Erinsborough, which both the mystery stalker, who has since been revealed to be Paul's son Robert (Adam Hunter), and Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver), found out about. Manipulative Izzy met her match in Paul (the arsonist of the original Lassiters complex and the destroyer of Lou and Harold's (Ian Smith) businesses, Lou's Place and the Cafe).

Paul's other son Robert later moved in with them, all the while pretending to be his identical twin brother Cameron (also played by Adam Hunter). After she became suspicious of Robert's behaviour, she tried to convince Paul and Elle that he was responsible for the 'accidents' she was said to have caused, such as leaving the gas on while babysitting her nephew Charlie, but everyone thought she was just being careless and hysterical and Paul eventually threw her out.

She eventually got Paul and the police to believe her after she discovered that Robert had been recording her phone conversations and editing them on his laptop. After Cameron was cleared of all charges, he too moved in with her, Elle and Paul. It was after this when Paul and Izzy's relationship began to decline. When Paul was caught cheating on her, she broke up with him, disappointed that he didn't show enough love towards her.

Although she claimed to have never stopped being in love with Paul, she tried to get back into a relationship with Karl. Karl on the other hand had no interest in Izzy because of his resentment towards her, and the fact that he was trying to get back together with his ex-wife Susan. One night Karl was exhausted and accepted a ride home from Izzy. Once they had got to his apartment, she accidentally gave him too much sleeping medication. This caused him to believe that Izzy was Susan, and so begged her to stay the night.

The day of her departure from Erinsborough, Susan discovered that Izzy was pregnant. When Susan asked her who the father of her baby was, she denied it was Karl's and that Paul could tell her who it really was if she wanted to know. Izzy and Paul had devised a story in case there were any questions asked. So when Susan did ask Paul, he told her that the father of her baby was the result of a brief fling with a young, buff man. Meanwhile, as Izzy sat on the bus, she took out a picture of her and Karl when they were together, put her hand on her stomach and remarked that it was just her and their child now.

Izzy returned briefly in 2007, heavily pregnant and homeless. Izzy had decided to move to London to make a fresh start. It was found out that she was in trouble as she was having an affair with Pete Gartside (Daniel Schutzmann), a married professional football player, and the paparazzi were onto them. Pete had broken up with Izzy, but they later decided to get back together, and raise the baby themselves. She ran into Karl and Susan, and Karl was unsympathetic about her, but Susan agreed to help her. Karl was forced to deliver her daughter Holly Hoyland during his third wedding with Susan, when she went into premature labour. Back in Australia, Susan confessed to Karl that he was the father of baby Holly Hoyland , as she overheard Izzy telling Pete, and he returned to London to get to know his daughter, but when he met up with Izzy, he tripped over the pram and fell off the bridge. Both Karl and the child were okay, as this was a more of a slapstick moment. When Karl got back to Australia, he informed Susan that Izzy wanted her to be Holly's godmother. After both agreeing that it was an unusual situation, Susan agreed to be the godmother of Holly.