Isair and Madae are the final bosses of the computer game Icewind Dale II. They are the children of Belhifet, the original end-game boss of Icewind Dale. Belhifet has used the elven maiden Ilmedia to plant his “seeds,” and from this union the daemonfey named Isair and Madae were born.

Isair and Madae’s mother committed suicide after giving birth to them, so the twins were raised by Mother Egenia of the church of Ilmater, the benevolent god of suffering. Raised as a mage and as a priestess of Ilmater, the twins lived a somewhat sheltered childhood until Mother Egenia died. Though the two had buried their adoptive mother in accordance with the rites of Ilmater, the townspeople of Kuldahar (the fictional city they were born in) tried to kill them, believing they had murdered their own mother. The twins killed the people in self-defense and escaped. They went to live with their sire in his abyssal domain, though they left later to build the Legion of the Chimeria, an army consisting of hybrids, outcasts, abominations and other hated races such as goblinoids, demons, and the like. With this army, they tried to conquer the Frozen North and Icewind Dale region.

Role in the Game[]

In the final battle, players face Isair and Madae in their fortress, the Severed Hand, an ancient and abandoned elven fortress that also featured in the first game.

Isair is a twisted sorcerer/rogue. He dual-wields scimitars which poison/stun/disease opponents. His most common strategy is casting Improved Invisibility upon himself and making sneak attacks. He also creates Black Blades of Disaster, which hold the power to disintegrate PCs.

Madae is a fighter/priestess of Iyachtu Xvim, the bastard son of Bane. She uses dangerous disabling spells such as Blasphemy, which stuns all good aligned players, and follows with the powerful Mass Dominate, which requires a high PC will save to resist. She also summons very tough monsters/demons, and uses the deadly Harm spell which can potentially drop a target to 1 HP. She also can attack with her club, which deals acid damage.

Isair and Medae’s half-fiendish heritage gives them high natural resistances to spells, magic, and physical damage. In addition they are both fully buffed with protective spells before the final battle commences, effectively giving them a couple of rounds’ head-start on the PCs.

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