Dr. Isaac Worthington
Shortland Street
Portrayed by Matt Minto
First appearance 8th March 2010 (Episode 4436)
Gender Male
Occupation Surgeon

Isaac Worthington is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street. He is portrayed by Matt Minto and has been on the show since March 8, 2010. He is the cousin of long time character Chris Warner.

Character History[]

Arrival to Shortland Street[]

Isaac arrived at the hospital when Libby Jeffries was outside in the car park. Her top button was undone and Isaac (who was driving) got distracted and accidentally backed into CEO Callum McKays new car. Isaac had whiplash and had to go to ED. Isaac had a meeting to go to however and left ED abruptly without telling anyone where he was going. It turned out he was at a interview to become a surgeon at the hospital to replace recent leaver Gabrielle Jacobs. Chris Warner was doing the interview and he told Isaac that he found him very arrogant and cocky. Isaac returned to ED and ended up getting a lecture from Callum. Later, Callum, Rachel McKenna and Chris had a meeting to discuss who should be hired. Chris revealed to them that Isaac was his cousin and left the room. Callum decided to hire Isaac. That day Isaac asked Libby out for a drink, she declined and said maybe another time. Isaac leaped in and placed a raunchy kiss on her lips then told her he couldn't wait that long.

Relationship with Libby Jeffries and moving in with Chris[]

Isaac revealed to Chris that he was living in a hotel and Chris offered to house him. Isaac accepted and that night went on a date with Libby. It all went well except for when Libby found out that Isaac was living at Chris' and was his cousin. She refused to go inside and tried to leave urgently. She told Isaac she could not see him as he might be like Chris and be a womanizer. Isaac insisted he wasn't and that he was nothing like Chris. The next day, Libby saw Isaac flirting with Tracey Morrison. She yelled at Isaac and told him the relationship was well and truly over. Isaac continued flirting with Tracey over the next few days and she ended up going home with him, but she fell asleep on the couch. Since then, Isaac has caught the attention of Libbys sister Tania Jeffries and new nurse Frankie.