The Inverted Neck Break (INB) is a special athletic move widely seen in the video game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and executed by Sam Fisher. However, the INB is not a fictional move. In fact, it is included in training of the Israel Defense Force (IDF)[citation needed]. It is an extremely difficult maneuver which is based around stealth used on clandestine intelligence-gathering missions where operatives have to infiltrate an enemy building. If there are enemy guards present, IDF soldiers must approach the enemy from a very unconventional angle (hanging upside down). The INB is executed by breaking the cervical vertebrae, which kills an enemy instantly.

The INB is literally hanging upside down from a horizontal pipe/rope, with the legs tucked. When an enemy soldier moves directly under the attacker, the attacker quickly grabs the enemy's neck and breaks the cervical vertebrae by popping the neck up and forward. Doing all this, the attacker must keep their balance and hang on the horizontal rope/pipe without falling off.


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