This is a list of special items and attacks in the InuYasha manga and anime series, sorted by character.


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"Kotodama no Nenju" (necklace of subjugation) 

The necklace of subjugation is introduced in the very first manga as a spiritual device to control InuYasha. Given to Kagome by Kaede, it was intended to keep InuYasha from killing or hurting Kagome. Afterwards, it becomes an outlet for slapstick comic relief. When Kagome says "Osuwari" or "Sit", InuYasha is immediately thrown to the ground. InuYasha is unable to remove it nor destroy it, although it broke off in the third movie but was fixed and placed back on Inuyasha's neck in the epilogue. The Kotodama no Nenju consists of a number of round beads (estimated at between 42 and 49 in number) and between seven and ten magatama beads which are often mistaken as claws. Note: a good way through the series in the episode "tragic love song of destiny" (#147) when Kikyo is shown creating the necklace she says, "Now for the beads, what is a good command word? Beloved? Yes, I think that is a good word" indicating that Kikyou wanted to use the word beloved as she loved Inuyasha, if he she needs to calm him down or perhaps use it if he is out of control. She doesn't give it to him since she trusts him. The necklace has been shown to be able to break controlling influences, as it both frees Inuyasha from his demonic transformation when his sword breaks or become out of reach, and also allows him to overpower Souunga's possession (This happens in the Third Movie and hence, is not canon).

Robe of the Fire Rat: The Robe of the Fire Rat was given to Inuyasha's mother by his father(To escape a burning structure). Sometime after it was given to Inuyasha who adorns it to this day. It has been seen to be capable to stand up against extreme amounts of heat, as well as weaker youkai-poisons. Inuyasha has also allowed Kagome to wear the robe for protection aginst fire-breathing of poisonous enemies.

Sankon Tessō (Iron Reaver Soul Stealer) 
InuYasha's basic attack, he slashes an opponent with his claws. He uses his youki ("Demonic power") in his claws. Known in the English-dubbed anime as "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer", or just "Iron Reaver".
Hijin Kessō (Blades of Blood) 
InuYasha's special attack. By dipping his claws in blood he is able to use an attack similar to Sankon Tessō (Iron Reaver). He flings the blood from his claws which forms flying razors, cutting his enemies from a distance.
Tetsusaiga (鉄砕牙 'Fang') 
InuYasha's sword, made from one the fangs of his deceased father. Tetsusaiga has 5 attacks.
  1. Kaze no Kizu (風の傷 Wind Scar(s)) : Special attack that can kill 100 yōkai with one strike. InuYasha accidentally used it while fighting Sesshomaru, but he learned it while fighting that weird dragon thing to take the weight off his new Tetsusaiga.
  2. Bakuryūha (爆流破 Backlash Wave) : Tessaiga's ultimate attack, caused by trapping the enemy's spirit in the Kaze no Kizu & making it flow the opposite way and multiplied. InuYasha discovered this ability while fighting Ryūkotsusei, a giant dragon yōkai who even InuYasha's father was unable to defeat completely.
  3. Kongōsōha ((金剛槍破 Adamant Barrage) : This power was given to InuYasha by Hōsenki to defeat Naraku in the boundary between this world and the next.Hosenki has to give his life to bless the Tetsusaiga with the adamant powers. #Ryūrin no Tessaiga's technique : A currently unnamed technique from the manga that allows the Tessaiga to absorb a yōkai's energy. InuYasha learns this technique after breaking the Datsuki, a weapon forged from a dragon scale. However in the later manga chapters it is revealed by Tōtōsai that because InuYasha's fang was used to reforge the Tessaiga, it can only absorb a limited amount of yōki. If InuYasha were to absorb too much yōki then the blade were to turn black and it would cause him immense pain.
  4. Meidō Zangetsuha : Meidō Zangetsuha is an ability that creates a path to Hell (or a Meidō) through which to send an opponent; its perfected form is that of a large black sphere that resembles a hole in space. It can either be cut open or thrown like a projectile. InuYasha's father stole the ability from a yōkai named Shishinki with the aid of Tessaiga. However, because of the danger associated with such an ability, Tenseiga was created out of Tessaiga to bear it. It was recently acquired by breaking the Tenseiga and absorbing the attack, thus returning the Tenseiga back to a healing sword.
Tessaiga has five forms so far
  1. Rusty Tessaiga : Tessaiga's basic form. It has no special power at all. InuYasha can't transform it into any of its other forms when he is in his human form.
  2. Transformed Tessaiga : When wielded by a hanyō (like InuYasha), Tessaiga transforms into a larger version of itself, roughly resembling a large falchion. First used against Sesshomaru, it wasn't until the following battle against the yōkai Tsukumo no Gama that InuYasha learned how to control the Tessaiga's transformation. After being repaired when it was broken by the yōkai Goshinki, for a short time it was too heavy for InuYasha to wield. When InuYasha defeats Ryūkotsusei not only does he gain the ability to able to use the Kaze no Kizu at any time, Tessaiga becomes light as a feather.
  3. Red Tessaiga : When InuYasha saved Shiori from her grandfather, she gave him an orb that, when cut, gave Tessaiga the power to break any yōkai barrier. Naraku eventually is able to create a barrier that cannot be shattered by this after becoming a yōkai at Mount Hakurei.
  1. Ryūrin no Tessaiga (Dragon-scaled Tessaiga) : By breaking the Dakki, a weapon forged from a dragon scale, the Tessaiga has gained the ability to absorb yōkai energy. The blade looks like the regular Tessaiga except it has a few dragon-scales on the non-sharp side of the blade. Inuyasha is eventually taught by Tōtōsai's friend, Yourei Taisei how to use this technique properly by looking for the enemy's 'Youketsu' which is the enemy's concentrated youki and slicing at it.
  2. Black : A form recently acquired by InuYasha during a battle with Sesshomaru. It takes the form of a Meidou and is now capable of the Meidou Zangetsuha.

Kagome Higurashi[]

Hama no Ya (破魔の矢, Purifying Arrow)
Kagome's and Kikyo's attack, known in the English version of the anime as "Sacred Arrows". They concentrate their holy power into their arrows and shoot them at yōkai to destroy them. Kagome almost destroyed Naraku in his powerful form (after Hakurei) by using an arrow Kikyo had mixed with Onigumo's burial soil. This ability is one of the strongest attacks employed by InuYasha's group, to which even InuYasha admits that Kagome is likely the most powerful member of their group. It is likely that Kagome's holy powers are the only ones that can destroy Naraku's soul. Kagome's recent quest for a sacred bow from Mount Azusa may have increased this power or made it more versatile. Whatever it has powers or not, it is obvious that this longbow is a powerful relic.
"Osuwari" (お座り,'Sit!')
A voice command that causes the rosary around InuYasha's neck to take effect and brings InuYasha crashing down into the ground. This is used as comic relief throughout the series. The Osuwari at the beginning was meant to keep Inuyasha in his proper behaviour for as long as possible. However, it should be noted that as Kagome later also uses it in her jealousy about Kikyo and as InuYasha's relationship progresses, the rosary is used less and less. It is scarcely used later in the series. It is a formal command as given to a dog, but for dubbing reasons it was translated into 'Sit, boy' in English. The rosary was never ever used again during the last four episodes of the series and also had shattered in the 3rd movie because of the So'unga;but was later put back to one piece and back on to Inuyasha.
Shikon no Tama (四魂の玉 Jewel of Four Souls), also known as the Shikon Jewel
The Jewel that started the whole story and a driving force in it. It was embedded in Kagome's body at the start of the series. This Jewel was the item that made Kikyo seal Inuyasha to the Goshinboku 50 years before the time of main events in the series. When Kagome arrived in the feudal era, she accidentally shattered the jewel into tens or even hundreds of shards. It holds tremendous power inside it and, one shard inserted into a yōkai increases their power considerably. The Jewel is what brings InuYasha's team together and keeps them together for so long, along with Naraku's demise.


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Hiraikotsu (Boomerang Bone)
A huge boomerang used by Sango as a weapon. It is made from the bones of yōkai. She also carries a sword that she occasionally uses instead of the boomerang in close combat.
Hidden Blades
Sango has a hidden blade under the armor on her arms. She uses this in case her weapons are taken away from her.
Hidden Medicines and Poisons
Sango has hidden poison and medicine under her shoulder pads. Used in a couple episodes to draw out demons from hard to find places and protect scars from bacterial infections. In the fourth movie, she uses a special poison to disintegrate the demons. In recent chapters, Sango reveals that one of her deadliest poisons is corrosive enough to dissolve large amounts of bone within a moments of contact. Such as Hiraikotsu.
Knowledge of gases
Sango uses her knowledge of herbs to make a gas to draw out demons from wild areas or for exorcism.
Sango uses her mask to protect her from harmful miasmas or other poison gases but cannot protect her from extremely powerful miasmas such as Naraku's.


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Foxfire (Kitsune-bi)
Shippo's Foxfire is a part of his kitsune heritage. It is used to burn weak or dead enemies, but has absolutely no affect on stronger ones. It can also be used to ward against normal fire, and was once used to remove a lizard yōkai's illusion. Shoots green/blue colored fire when used. It is not used as much as his illusion attacks but may grow stronger over time since his father's Foxfire was much more powerful.
Leaves of Illusion
Shippo uses his magical leaf to create illusions and change his shape. Also notorious for his giant bouncing mushrooms, chestnuts, and other oddities.
Shape-shifting or Transform (Henge)
Shippo has powers of transformation, though he often gives himself away because his tail does not morph most of the time. Though they can be quite helpful, his transformations often look completely ridiculous.
The Heart Scar (Kokoro No Kizu)
Seen in episode 130 of the anime; Shippo attacks his enemy by biting down hard and tenaciously holding on. This technique is used twice: once upon a Lizard yōkai and the second upon InuYasha himself.
A Japanese toy, (known as a ball in cup in English), that grows larger to attack enemies. However it Only annoys the enemy. It does no more than a scratch or 2.
Spinning Top
A top used by Shippo which grows into a giant spinning top. He first used it (as far as the anime, manga shows) on InuYasha in Episode 9 ("Enter Shippo... Plus, The Amazing Thunder Brothers!"). He is also seen using it on InuYasha in the 3rd Opening song.


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Kazaana (Wind Tunnel)
Kazaana is a powerful vortex in Miroku's right hand which sucks everything in the vicinity into itself. It is a curse given to Miroku's grandfather by Naraku, and eventually it will grow to consume him, as it did to Miroku's father and grandfather. This attack's weakness comes in the form of Naraku's poisonous insects called Saimyōshō, which, when sucked in, poison the attacker. Miroku will not use this ability if it endangers innocent lives.
With his staff Miroku can create a small protective barrier for a short period of time. It is an effective tool for slaying demons and was originally wielded by his grandfather, the monk Miyatsu. In the second movie, Kagome was able to combine her holy powers with those of Miroku by using a broken piece of his staff and shooting it like she would one of her spiritual arrows. It is also quite durable as seen when InuYasha could not cut the staff in half with his sword.
Sacred Sutras
Sacred and powerful scrolls that can emit flames, destroy illusions or stun their enemies.
Spiritual barrier
Through meditation, Miroku is able to focus his own spiritual energy to create a temporary barrier about himself and those in close enough radius to himself. The barrier, itself, can be difficult to hold up. However, its power to repel demonic energy is second to none.


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Tenseiga (天生芽, "Heavenly Life Fang")
Sesshomaru's sword. Rather than killing 100 people, like Tessaiga's Kaze no Kizu, it can heal 100 people. It is a blade that cannot cut the living, but it can slay creatures related to the afterlife. Sesshomaru resurrected Rin with it when she was murdered by Koga's wolves. Sesshomaru genuinely disliked this sword, until its usefulness was proven. He would have preferred to have inherited the Tessaiga, which is destructive rather than constructive but he renounced the Tessaiga when he knew that it was indispensable to InuYasha for controlling his demonic blood. After his other sword, Tōkijin, was broken, Tōtōsai reforged Tenseiga to be used as a weapon. Its one attack, Meidō Zangetsuha, an attack originally owned by the Tessaiga, is supposedly capable of dragging a foe directly into the underworld (and therefore instantly killing it) when Sesshomaru fully masters it. He nearly mastered the attack in chapter 470 after purifying many dead bodies, but had yet to create the full circle as of chapter 491. When Sesshomaru discovered that his father had intended for him to bequeath the Meidou Zangetsuha technique to the Tessaiga, he let go of it, returning Tenseiga to a simple healing sword once again.
Sword forged from Goshinki's fang. It possesses a strong yōki and the sword was forged from the very teeth that broke Tessaiga. Tōkijin itself was broken on the armor of Mōryōmaru, the armor created by Akago(The Infant) and Hakudoshi.
A regeneration-taking sword that appeared in manga chapter 518 during Sesshomaru's battle with Magatsuhi. Sesshomaru used it to kill Magatsuhi's borrowed body. Later on Naraku has Rin kidnapped because of the corrosive effects of the powerful sword, which would nullify his regenerative abilities and consequently kill him.
Dokkasō (Poison Flower Claws)
Sesshomaru's hands can release deadly poisonous gases and acidic liquids.
Whip of Light
A very handy weapon that looks like a whip made of pure energy. It is summoned out of his index and middle finger and has no boundaries of length. It appears only in the anime.
Souryuuha (Dragon Strike)
Sesshomaru's ultimate attack. By concentrating a tremendous amount of his youki into the blade of either the Tōkijin or the Tenseiga, it can unleash a massive energy strike powerful enough to destroy any foe. It is only used in the 3rd and 4th movies, however, and never in the anime or manga. In its debut in the 3rd movie, the blast proves to be so powerful that it even defeats InuYasha's Backlash Wave. The Tenseiga version was used in combination with Tessaiga's Bakuryuuha, and being an attack from Tenseiga, it can only attack beings from other worlds, on that one and only occasion, Souunga. Rather than an attack from the Tenseiga or Tokijin, it appears to be a manifestation of Sesshomaru's youki, with the sword acting as the conduit for the attack.


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Nintojo (Staff of Two Heads)
This is the staff that Jaken carries most of the time. In an episode of the anime, it is claimed that Sesshomaru gave the Staff of Two Heads to Jaken after Jaken chose to become his servant. The Staff is used to discover the site of Sesshomaru's father's grave. The heads are of an old man & woman. When the women opens it means it's not the site. When the Old man's head open it means the gate to the grave will also open. The old man head can blast fire at enemies. In Buddhist legend, the Nintojo is used by Enma Daiō ("king of hell") to measure the weight of sin in the dead. In the English version of the anime it is known as "The Staff of Two Heads".


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Hama no Ya (破魔の矢, Purifying Arrow)
Same as above with Kagome, only Kikyo uses a long bow.
Fūin no Ya (封印の矢)
Arrow of sealing. She used this arrow to seal InuYasha to Goshinboku after Naraku tricked her into believing he had betrayed her.
Shinidamachū (死魂虫 Soul Collector or Soul Skimmer)
Soul collecting insects used to collect the souls needed to help Kikyo sustain her life.
Kikyo can fashion shikigami to serve her. One was a partial image of herself as Hijiri-sama that she used to attract the attention of InuYasha and help him defeat Abi-hime's birds. She also created 2 servant shikigami, Kochō and Aska, who led Kagome to her to help purify Naraku's Shōki and continue to help her by acting as messengers. Tsubaki also uses Shikigami.
Shikon no Tama
Kikyo, like Kagome, can see the shards of the Shikon no Tama, even when hidden in a demon's body.


Kusarigama: Kohaku's weapon of choice. It is a sickle with a chain, made up of parts of youkai that Kohaku's clansmen had slain (Similar to Sango's Hiraikotsu.). Early on in his training, Kohaku was shown to make mistakes in wielding the Kusarigama. However, over time Kohaku has honed his ability with it and wields the weapon with expert proficiency.

Mask: The trademark mask of the Demon Slayers. It serves as a protection against various poisons spewed by youkai. An example would be when Sango adorns the mask when Naraku expels Miasthma.

Katana: Kohaku's secondary weapon. While Demon Slayers use weapons forged of the parts of vanquished demons, it has been shown that they keep a secondary weapon, in most cases a Katana.

Kikyou's Light: Kohaku was in Naraku's clutches, who was attempting to extract Kohaku's shard of the Shikon no Tama when suddenly the light which Kikyou had imprinted into the jewel transfered into Kohaku's shard. Thus, Kohaku obtained a inadvertent ability to purify Naraku when he comes into contact with Kohaku's shard. However he later loses this ability when Magatsuhi(The evil spirit within the Shikon No Tama) used an artificial body to extract the shard from Kohaku. However Kikyou's Light stayed within' Kohaku in order to sustain his life.


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Shōki (沼気, Miasma)
Naraku's special poison gas.
Kugutsu (傀儡, Puppet or Dummy)
Naraku makes a clone of himself to attack his enemies by distance. A small wooden doll, also known as a golem with a strand of Naraku's hair lies at the center of the puppet and when destroyed, the clone is destroyed. A similar wooden doll is kept with the real Naraku and controls the puppet.
This ability does not have an official name. Naraku copies someone's body and voice, becoming an exact copy of that person. He used this ability to breed hate between Kikyo and InuYasha and to curse Miroku's grandfather with the Kazaana. After his castle was destroyed Naraku has stopped using this technique.
By transforming his entire body into a weapons he can attack foes using claws, spikes, thorns, diamonds, etc. He can also infuse miasma in his attacks to do severe damage.
Naraku's poison insects, or insects of hell. Resembling wasps, they are mostly used to spy on InuYasha and the gang and to poison the Miroku's Kazaana rendering it useless.

Demonic Spawning: Using the power of the Shikon no Tama, Naraku has the ability to create "incarnations" using his own flesh. Naraku has spawned, eleven incarnations of his own flesh the eldest two being Kanna of the Void and Kagura of the Wind; the youngest being Byakuya of the Mirage. Naraku has also been shown to have the ability to create weapons using this ability, once creating a spear for Princess Abi.


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Kagura uses a special fan to summon her wind attacks. The fan itself is quite durable and made from the bones of Naraku.

Fūjin no Mai (, 風刃の舞 Dance of Blades)
Fires off multiple spinning blades made of wind.
Shikabane no Mai (屍の舞 Dance of the Dead)
Allows Kagura to manipulate dead bodies or bodies whose souls have been drained by Kanna's mirror.
Ryūja no Mai (竜蛇の舞 Dance of the Dragon)
Creates many small tornadoes.

Kagura also has a feather that can increase in size and be used as transportation.


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Magical Mirror

Allows her to steal someone's soul and keep it inside her mirror so that Kagura can take complete control over their bodies. When her mirror was filled by souls from Kagome's arrows, it began to crack and Kanna had to release the souls to save the mirror. The mirror will reflect an enemy's attack back at them, whether physical or made of yōki. The mirror can also used as tool for scrying, an ability employed usually by Naraku and once by Kagura.

Mirror Monster: Kanna is able to transform her Magical Mirror into a giant monster. When using this technique, the monster is able to copy any attack, and has been seen to be able to create weapons(Case in point, when the monster copied Tessaiga itself.). The draw back to this technique, however, is that Kanna receives any damage that would harm the monster. This ultimately causes her death.


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Goraishi(Five Thunder Fingers): The weapon Koga obtained from the Wolf Demon tribes ancestral burial ground. The weapon consists of a bracelet with is held fast to his wrist, long cone-shaped claws which Koga's finger fit into, and chains which hold the claws onto the bracelet. The Goraishi has been shown to be able to manipulate thunder by using thunder based attacks. The weapon can be used to slice an opponent while releasing a stream of electric Youki to enhance the strike. When not in use, the Goraishi lyes dormant within Koga's right arm, for him to summon at his leisure.

Katana: He hasn't been seen using it much, however Kouga keeps Katana at his side. He can be quoted as saying that he "Stole it from some human he killed, it's mostly for decoration".

Shard Based Abilities

Koga for a time held three shards of the Shikon no Tama, one in his right arm and one in each leg. Even after losing the shard from his right arm, Kouga's demonic power was still increased dramatically. Being an expert in had to hand combat, Kouga has been shown to be able to drench his fist in Youki, using it in various ways including; Melee strikes, as well as creating a shock wave by punching the ground(Similar to InuYasha's Kaze no Kizu or Wind Scar). The shards also gave Kouga unnatural speed, which Kouga used to his advantage, often sprinting for days at a time. He can be quoted as saying he "Can keep running for three days without rest".


The So'unga (叢雲牙) is a fictional sword appearing only in the third movie, InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler, as its primary villain.


Sounga arm

The Sounga-possessed arm of Sesshomaru

Also known as the Sword of Calamity, So'unga was the former property of the great dog general (Inu no Taishou), InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father. Unlike Tessaiga and Tenseiga (InuYasha's and Sesshomaru's swords, respectively), this sword, which resembles a Zweihänder, was not forged by the sword smith, Tōtōsai. Not much is known of So'unga's history other than the dog demon acquired it on his own and it's said that he was the only yōkai of few who could wield it without being possessed by it. In the third movie, Tōtōsai commented that the only person alive who could wield So'unga safely was probably Sesshomaru. Either way its true power can only be used by demons or those with demon blood. (Takemaru was only able to use Sounga’s true power by wielding Sesshomaru’s lost arm)

During InuYasha's time, only Sesshomaru is able to use and wield So'unga without being possessed by it by overcoming So'unga with his own demonic power. It was known that Sesshomaru desired the swords Tessaiga and Sounga in his quest for power. After Inu no Taishou died in his attempt to rescue his human wife Izayoi and his son InuYasha, it was clear that he had passed instructions on what to do with his powerful swords to his loyal friends. It was vital that the swords, especially Sounga do not fall into the hands of evil-doers as they would bring untold destruction unto the world if misused.

Myōga, Saya (the spirit of the sheath of So'unga) and Tōtōsai followed their lord's instructions with regards to the three swords with Myōga sealing Tessaiga along with their lord's body in the boundary between the living world and the dead and Tōtōsai leaving Tenseiga for Sesshomaru. However, Saya had clearly forgotten Inu no Taishou's instructions on what to do with So'unga and in the end, they threw the sword down the Bone-Eater's Well where it was known that demon remains thrown down the well mysteriously vanished. It was decided that Saya would seal the sword's malicious powers for at least seven hundred years although five hundred years was lost during the transition to the future where it ended up in Kagome's shrine.

With demonic powers far stronger than the Tessaiga or Tenseiga per se, the So'unga is incredibly dangerous. Like Tokijin, So'unga is double-bladed, but it is much narrower than Tokijin but longer to compensate. Sesshomaru was able to easily block So'unga's physical attacks with Tokijin, but its length eventually allows Takemaru to knock Tokijin from Sesshomaru's hand.

So'unga attempts to possess anyone who tries to wield it. After possessing InuYasha and unleashing the terrible power of Goukuryuuha (dragon twister in the English dub), InuYasha sought solitude to keep his friends safe. Soon after, Sesshomaru showed up and attempted to claim the sword. Kagome interrupts the battle and manages to remove the Souunga's control on InuYasha by shouting 'Osuwari'.

After leaving Inuyasha's body, the sword possessed one of its ogre zombies and retrieved both Sesshomaru's lost arm and revived Takemaru. It then urged Takemaru to destroy both Sesshomaru and InuYasha, using Takemaru's hatred of the Inu no Taisho. In reality, the So'uunga was only using Takemaru to further its own ends and destroy the only threats to its existence, the Tessaiga and the Tenseiga.

After Takemaru's defeat, it used Sesshomaru's arm and Takemaru's leftover zombie flesh to make itself a one-armed body with an arm with a blade much like Tessaiga's transformed one. So'unga then fought with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru itself, using its demonic attacks to fullest effect possible, but with Tessaiga and Tenseiga nearby, it couldn't use its true power.

So'unga was later defeated by the combined powers of Tessaiga and Tenseiga. Having opened the door to the underworld, when So'unga was defeated, it was sealed in the portal that it itself opened and the threat that it presented was gone for good.

Only one of So'unga's demon attacks is known: Gōkuryūha (Infernal Dragon Wave or Dragon Twister). The attack takes the form of a gigantic purple tornado with its center glowing pink/light purple.

Information from InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler reveals that So'unga's has the special ability to resurrect both human and yōkai. All enemies slain by So'unga become its zombie slaves.

Special Attacks[]



So'unga preparing to use Gōkuryūha

The Infernal Dragon Wave is the ultimate attack of So'unga, which summons a dragon (or dragon spirits) from hell, and releasing it as an attack that is more powerful than Tessaiga and Tenseiga by themselves. It takes the shape of a huge orb of demonic energy, formed in the middle of the rotating sword generating a huge mass of hellish winds wrapped around it. Its power of destruction is more than several times stronger than even the Tessaiga's Bakuryūha. When InuYasha (under the sword's influence) unleashes it the first time, it utterly devastates a valley in its path, leaving nothing standing for miles.

A difference of power that can be seen in the movie, as the Backlash Wave could barely withstand, let along repel, the Gōkuryūha. In fact, in some cases, it could not even be formed by InuYasha due to utter power of So'unga's suffocating demonic aura. However, it is notable that when in close proximity to both the Tessaiga and Tenseiga, its power is weakened. Thus as long as both swords exist, and are within its presence, the sword's attack can never reach its full potential. Some say that both Tessaiga and Tenseiga were made to suppress So'unga.

  • Gōkuryūha is translated as Hell Dragon's Wave. In the English dubbed version and English translated subtitles, it is called Dragon Twister.

100 Zombies[]

Anything killed by So'unga comes back as highly poisonous zombies and are under So'unga or the wielder of So'unga’s control. The only way to destroy them is to damage them beyond their abilities to regenerate, such as setting fire to their flammable bodies, or use of a holy item (like Kagome's Sacred Arrows). While Tessaiga could take 100 lives away and Tenseiga could bring back 100 lifes, So'unga raises 100 zombies from the underworld. It should be noted, that the zombies being of the underworld, could be cut and killed by the Tenseiga.

Demonic Control[]

So'unga is said to contain the soul of a horribly evil demon (possibly a dragon from Hell), and has the power to possess and control its user, manipulating them. The sword is sentient and possesses its own voice, and possessing a violent, bloodlusting personality and a desire only for war, destruction, slaughter, and self-preservation. When touched by any being less than a daiyōkai the sword's power causes tendrils (possibly the victim's own veins or arteries) to grow from the being's hand and coil around their arm, making it next to impossible to dislodge. The sword's own will then proceeds to possess the user's mind, sending them on a killing spree. Since So'unga's lust for bloodshed is unsatiable, the user is endlessly compelled to kill, and will continue to do so unless the sword is temporarily drained of power (as was the case when a possessed Inuyasha used the Gokuryuha the first time), or is removed by an outside power. So'unga, in a sense, is not unlike Tōkijin in its powers of possession and their being swords of evil except that it is far stronger and more self-aware than the latter. Only Inu no Taishou, Sesshomaru and other daiyōkai (possibly) are able to resist this power outright. The worst thing that could have happened was for So'unga to fall into the hands of a human. Humans are (supposedly) the most selfish of creatures and have the deepest desires for power; if a human holds So'unga, he would not stop even for centuries until the world is destroyed in his mad conquest and left with absolutely nothing left to kill or the user itself is killed by something.

Souunga also has the ability to control anything that it kills.

Hell Spikes[]


So'unga Firing Hell Spikes

In the movie So'unga had fired several large black spikes from within his armor.

Opening the Underworld[]

Being the sword of Hell, So'unga has the power to open the doors to Hell, which would merge with the world of living and cause every living thing in the world to perish.


Bankotsu's Banryu[]

Banryu is a unique variation on the giant halberd wielded by Bankotsu, leader of the Shichinintai(Band Of Seven) . The origins of the weapons are never revealed. In the anime, Bankotsu claimed that he had long ago made a wish upon his weapon in order to become strong. Since he was born human, he was not able to possess divine powers by bloodline alone, yet he did not have the desire to train in order to obtain supernatural powers. What he wanted but did not have was demonic powers. In order to fulfill his promise to Banryu, he had to kill 1000 warlords and 1000 demons. Once fulfilled, Banryu transformed into a demonic weapon capable of releasing blasts of heat energy at opponents in a similar fashion to that of the Tōkijin. However, such events never occurred in the manga.

Attacks achieved before the completed transformation

  • Banryu Flash - surrounds Banryu in a pinkish purple aura capable of repelling attacks
  • Dragon Thunder - levitation, cloud formation, lightning manipulation.
  • Dragon Hammer - energy blast similar to InuYasha's Wind Scar.
  • Banryu Bash - Banryu glows pink and bashes against the ground with tremendous force.

Attacks achieved after the completed transformation

  • All of Bankotsu attacks now have a bright red color; this represents his hatred.
  • Hatred Ball - Large formation of yōki formed by spinning his Banryu. Nuetralized by Inyuasha's Backlash Wave; this kills Bankotsu.
  • Heat Wave.

Naginata of Kenkon[]

The Blade of Heaven and Earth is a double-sided Naginata forged by Kaijinbō from 222 demons. In the English dub of the series, the weapon is also known as the Naginata of Kenkon.

The weapon was wielded by the yōkai ninja Hoshiyomi, who had commissioned the blade in order to protect his lover, the priestess Tsukiyomi. The weapon itself is forged of many many yōkai so that it possesses a demonic aura of its own, enough to possess Hoshiyomi.

Fearing that Hoshiyomi would destroy all that they had fought for, under the blade's possession, Tsukiyomi sealed him away with the intention of freeing him after dealing with the weapon. Unable to destroy it, she broke the weapon into two parts: the Ken blade, placed under the protection of the Hōjō family on Mount Fuji, and the Kon blade, which was sealed in Mount Hakurei. Tsukiyomi died shortly afterwards before freeing Hoshiyomi, as she spent a lot of energy breaking up the weapon and sealing Hoshiyomi. Hoshiyomi would return decades later to reclaim the two blades and seek revenge for Tsukiyomi's supposed betrayal.

The blade is eventually destroyed, along with its demonic wielder, when the powers of Tessaiga's Bakuryuha (Backlash Wave) and Kagome's Hama no Ya (Sacred Arrow) combined to combat it.


  • Necro Eclipse: after assorbing Tessaiga's power, the Kon blade releases a wave of dark energy ten times stronger than the Wind Scar.
  • Dark Hole: an abyss which sucks away all the energy within an area, be it yōki, sacred, etc.
  • Red Orb: a large red orb is fired from the blade, destroying all in the orb's path.
  • Barrier: creates a barrier, which protects its wielder.


The Raigekijin is a spear wielded by Hiten, one of the Thunder Brothers. It has the power create destructive lightning bolts and massive balls of energy. This weapon is also called The Thunder Pike.

Hakudōshi's Spear[]

A naginata that originally belonged to Entei's previous rider, Rengokuki. While the weapon has no power itself, Hakudōshi has been seen releasing a shockwave from it.

Naraku's Spear[]

A trident that Naraku had created from his own bones and had lent to Princess Abi [Avi], in order to use against anyone that interferes with her mission to acquire more human blood for her mother; which, indirectly, helps Naraku gain passage to the Underworld, where the final shard of the Shikon Jewel resides (in Hosenki). This Spear is rumored to have killed 10000 humans and only 1000 demons. As you can see, Naraku designed it for his evil purposes.


  • Barrier: since it is made from Naraku's bones (which was fused with Mt. Hakurei's soil), it creates a barrier protecting its wielder.
  • Miasma: the spear has shown the ability to shoot a miasma from its tip.

Kinkas Fireshell[]

Only seen in the manga. This is a seashell horn wielded by Kinka as a weapon against his own sibling Ginka, whom he is cojoined since birth with. It is an elemental weapon affiliated with heat and fire. Kinka can release limitless amount of flames from the shell's horn by blowing hard from the other end

Ginka's Trident[]

Only seen in the manga. This is a one-handed trident wielded by Ginka as a weapon against his own sibling Kinka, whom he is cojoined since birth with. It is an elemental weapon affiliated with lightning and thunder. Ginka can release limitless amount of lightning from his weapon's prongs and direct it at targets