For the Trade Wars ship, see Imperial StarShip.
ISS Enterprise (NX-01)

Early Terran Empire vessels were distinguishable from their Starfleet counterparts due largely to extravagant hull markings.

"Imperial Starship" is a designation given to starships of the Terran Empire from the mirror universe of Star Trek.

The conquering nature of the Terran Empire means that its vessels are outfitted primarily for combat, as opposed to Starfleet vessels traditionally focused on exploration. As such, the Imperial vessels are equipped with larger and more capable armaments than their counterparts.

List of Known Imperial Starships[]

  • ISS Enterprise NX-01 – Presumably an NX-class vessel like its alternate universe counterpart, the Enterprise is commanded by Captain Maximillian Forrest until 2154 when first officer Commander Archer leads a mutiny and takes command of the vessel shortly before its destruction.
  • ISS Avenger NX-09 – The Avenger appears to be an NX-class vessel under the command of Admiral Black. It is destroyed in 2154 when it attacks the more powerful USS Defiant under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.
  • ISS Enterprise NCC-1701 – Similar to the Constitution-class USS Enterprise, the Mirror Universe vessel is commanded by Captain Tiberius Kirk after he assassinated the previous commander, Captain Pike. Captain Kirk is involved in a transporter accident in 2267 that switched him with his alter ego, James T. Kirk.

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