Trade Wars Ship
Imperial StarShip
Basic hold cost: 23,000
Main drive cost: 10,000
Computer cost: 231,000
Ship hull cost: 65,000
Ship base cost: 329,000
Maximum figs per attack: 10,000
Maximum holds: 150
Initial holds: 40
Maximum fighters: 50,000
Turns per warp: 4
Mine maximum: 125
Genesis maximum: 10
TransWarp drive: Yes
Transport range: 15
Maximum shields: 2,000
Offensive odds: 1.5:1
Defensive odds: 1.5:1
Beacon maximum: 150
Long-range scanner: Yes
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: Yes

The Imperial StarShip is the most powerful ship available to players in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe.

The StarShip can only be purchased by players with a Federal Commission. This requires an alignment of +500. After commissioning, a player's alignment immediately rises to +1000.

The StarShip can carry 150 holds, 50,000 fighters, and 2,000 shields. Its combat odds are 1.5. It can be equipped with any and all of the options available at the Hardware Emporium, including Transwarp Drive, Long Range Scanner, Planet Scanner, and Photon Missiles.

A player who becomes evil while piloting a StarShip will receive a message from the Federation warning him to return the vessel to Stardock "or face the consequences." At this point, encountering any of the three Federals—Captain Zyrain, Admiral Clausewitz, or Fleet Admiral Nelson—will result in destruction. The evil player can stave off destruction by meticulously scanning adjacent sectors for Federals and deploying fighters to create safe zones, since Federals will not enter any sector where fighters are deployed. Clausewitz and Nelson can even be trapped in cul-de-sacs if fighters are deployed to block them in. Captain Zyrain is somewhat of a wild card; however, since he can warp into FedSpace at will, escaping the blockade.

The Imperial StarShips are based on the Imperial starships of Star Trek’s Mirror Universe.