Imaginationland: The Movie
Imagionationland movie
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Starring Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Distributed by USA: Paramount Pictures
Running time 65 min.
Country United States
Language English
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United States:  Unrated

Imaginationland: The Movie is an animated satirical comedy crossover film which includes the three the Imaginationland episodes of South Park compiled and edited into a full length movie. It was released in the US on March 11, 2008, with a potential UK release in 2009. [1] It was later announced that Imaginationland: The Movie would also be streamed online for free in the summer of 2008.[2]

Release information[]

South Park: Imaginationland is made up of three South Park episodes: Episode I, II and III. The first episode premiered on Comedy Central on October 17, 2007.[3] This first episode was so popular that over 3.4 million people viewed it.[4] The creators decided to put the three episodes plus unseen footage into a movie format and the result is South Park: Imaginationland.[citation needed]

The DVD for South Park: Imaginationland was released on March 11, 2008 by Paramount and Comedy Central. Initially, they had thought about making it into a theatrical release before it was ever set to air on television;[citation needed] however, the creators changed their minds.[citation needed] Once the episode aired and was so popular, they decided to go the straight to DVD route.[citation needed] This DVD is available at most major retailers.


Further information: Imaginationland Episode I,  Imaginationland Episode II, and Imaginationland Episode III

Cartman bet Kyle that if he proves the existence of lepracaun, Kyle will suck Cartman's balls. After they actually do see a lepracaun, the magical creature awares them of incoming terrorist attack. Kyle, Stan, Jimmy, Kenny and Butters go for a ride to the magical Imaginationland, where all the "goofy" and interesting parts of human imagination coexist. The terrorists at this moment attack Imaginationland and afterwards blow up the barrier seperating the good and evil halves of human's imagination. Butters is left behind and during the rampage brought by the evil imaginations emerges as the "Key" to saving the land from the danger of becoming "really lame as Star Wars parody". Meanwhile the government is working on a secret project called "Project: Imagination Doorway". This goes unnoticed by Cartman, who's determined to make Kyle suck his balls.

Bonus Features on the DVD[]

The bonuses are simply two episodes from previous seasons of South Park. One episode is from season 8 and the other is from season 10. Both episodes deal with imaginary characters. The first bonus is episode 814, entitled “Woodland Critter Christmas”. This episode is about adorable, yet demonic Woodland Critters who want the anti-Christ to be born on Christmas. The second bonus is episode 1006, entitled “Manbearpig”.[5]

TV airing[]

  • The movie aired on Comedy Central in the US on July 27th 2008, featuring bonus footage that was cut out of the original airings of the three episodes.[6]

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