Forgotten Realms Deity
Title(s) The Doombringer
Lord of Three Thunders
Homeplane Barrens of Doom and Despair
Power Level Demipower
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Portfolio Revenge, retribution, poetic justice
For other uses, see Hoar (disambiguation).

Hoar is a fictional Faerûnian deity of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. He is the deity of revenge, retribution and poetic justice.

Hoar is one of the lesser deities in Faerûn. There is no organized church of Hoar, but some cities have small individual shrines set up by his disciples and clerics. This is owing partially to the fact that Hoar is not native to the Forgotten Realms. He was once a member of the Untheric pantheon. During the Time of Troubles, Hoar slew the Untheric deity Ramman (the god responsible for Hoar's exile) but his rival's portfolio was stolen by Anhur.

Quinsareth, an agent of Hoar, appears in the 2006 forgotten realms novel Bloodwalk by James P. Davis.