Developer(s) Philip Adams
License freeware
Platform(s) PC/MS Windows
Release date(s) May 25, 2010
Latest release 1.8 / June 27th, 2010
Genre(s) Hacking,Time Travel
Mode(s) singe-player
Media downloads
Input methods keyboard, mouse

Histacom is a free game notable for its setting based in a simulated computer operating system. The game's development was started in early 2010 by Philip Adams and has been in active development ever since. The game starts off in the year 1998 and an operating system known as windows 95 is shown in full-screen. The player then has the ability to open programs from the windows 95 start menu and use the computer as if it was running windows 95. The player can also explore the internet of 1998 and visit a non-existent website known as "" in the game to download software onto their computer. Eventually the player will find out about secret time travel software and it is up to them to hack their way to it.


The game is played in a simulated operating system that changes depending on the year. The users main task is to fix problems they caused by time traveling. The Player does this by going to different time periods and finding "time distorter" (the time travel software). Time distorter starts of weak with not many options on what year to go to. It is also buggy and can take you to the wrong time if used during the y2k. The further forward in time the player is the more access to different years they have.


12padams: The main character of the game responsible for creating time distorter. 12padams intentions are unknown and seem to change throughout the game. 12padams has a high amount of power over other users computers and often destroys computers when he is angry.

The Hidden Hacker: An important character who sometimes time travels with the player and helps them understand whats going on. Has minor hacking ability which sometimes come in handy to help the player. Hidden hacker is also used as the players voice throughout the game when speaking to 12padams as the player has no direct way of communicating with 12padams.