Hero: 108 the Movie is an upcoming live-action CGI and flash animated martial arts film based on the Taiwanese series with the same name . Since it is still rerunning previous episodes, the film will be made to show what will happen to Big Green after there fight with the Black Dragon. The movie will be airing in March 8, 2011.


High Roller has not given up yet. He figures a plan to steal Big Green's key when ApeTrully is going to sleep. Woo the Wise invented a time machine that will stop the day when HighRoller became himself. Mighty Ray accidentally send First, Second and HighRoller with the Zebra Brothers to Beijing, China, in the 21st centuary. HighRoller realizes all of the technology they have so he uses it to create a cryptid with enough power to destroy Big Green. Meanwhile, Lin Chung learns the secret of his parents and how he got the Panthar Vision and how to death of Mighty Ray's grandpa caused Mighty Ray to have his dislikings for bananas and have his eyeballs removable. A Mexican street performer teaches Jumpy how to speak Spanish and ApeTrully learns about the time his father, Sun Wukong was the first member of the original Big Green, Qiān jūn wàn mǎ. The film finally shows ApeTrully telling Big Green his secret.


  • Justin Chatwin - Lin Chung
  • Dee Bradley Baker - All Animals
  • Jackie Chan - Commander ApeTrully
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Mystique Sonia
  • Jaden Smith - Mighty Ray
  • Joon Park - Mr. No Hands
  • Chow Yun-fat - Woo the Wise
  • Moises Arias - HighRoller
  • Keke Palmer - AlphaGirl
  • Taylor Lautner - Kowloon
  • Kenan Thompson - Hurricane Lee
  • Kel Mitchell - Archer Lee
  • Taylor Swift - Rattle Diva


They use computer generated imagery to create the animals, cryptids and Yakshas. Some clips from the previous episodes of Hero: 108 were seen like "Sheep Castle" featuring Mystique Sonia teaching old ladies how to knit and "Turtle Cannon Competition III" as a flashback from ApeTrully when Second Squad ran away.