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Hello News is a popular television news music package and image campaign. Written and composed by Frank Gari for WISN-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Hello News theme package first became available in early 1978, and by the 1980s it had become one of the most widely used and recognized news music packages in the United States, with numerous local television stations using it.

Some stations continue to use the package, and Gari Communications' composer Chris Gari completed an 18-cut update to the package in 2004. Half of the cuts make use of a heavily disco-themed melody which harkens back to the original Hello News series, and the second half are more of a hard-hitting nature.

The accompanying image campaign was also very popular, and was even used by television stations in Canada, Australia and some Latin American countries.

Image campaign

The station promotional jingle that accompanied the news theme was one of the most notable parts of the music package. The earliest version was sung by Gari himself; he then modified it into a ballad version sung by Florence Warner. The two versions had similar lyric structures, but the first version had a repeated chorus to account for its faster pace.

Numerous variations of the lyrics had also been written, often to include references to locations and sceneries specific to a particular market (eg. the Yarra River is mentioned in HSV-7's "Hello Melbourne"). In the 80's, WXIA, Atlanta adapted the campaign to include their popular identity, "11 Alive," as well as the popular NBC slogan, "Let's All Be There!"

Several years later, Gari introduced a new variant, mostly consisting of the line "Say Hello". A few other stations aired their own customized versions that deviated from the regular versions even more (eg. WBAL-TV in Baltimore introduced a version which tied in with "Reach for the Stars", the tagline for its then-parent network CBS). All variants, however, retained the familiar "Makes no difference where I go" chorus. Promos utilizing this jingle often included a montage of local people waving at the camera. KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, MO made more than a dozen separate versions highlighting a specific county in their viewing area.

The treatments of the vocals were also varied. While most stations either used Gari's or Warner's vocals, some decided to go for a local twist (in music, and for non-English areas, for language), and have residents in their viewing areas sing the ballad version instead. Country music group Atlanta sang one version of WXIA-TV's "Hello Georgia", while the Osmonds were featured on KUTV's "Hello Utah". The Milwaukee Jazz Orchestra also did a version for local ABC affiliate WISN as well.

Many stations had dropped the "Hello" campaign by the 1990s; however, a few brought it back in the 2000s as they approached their 50th anniversary celebrations (eg. Portland, Maine's WGME and Calgary, Alberta's CICT). The instrumentals and vocals were updated, but the structure to the song itself remained basically the same.

Stations that used or have used Hello News

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Year Used Notes
5. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas KDFW-TV, formerly KRLD Fox, formerly CBS 1984-1987 "Hello Dallas" And "Hello Fort Worth".
8. Atlanta, Georgia WXIA-TV, formerly WLTV, WLWA, WAII, & WQXI NBC, formerly ABC 1980-1990 "Hello Atlanta! Hello Georgia!"
12. Phoenix, Arizona KPNX, formerly KTYL, KVAR, and KTAR NBC Date unknown "Hello Phoenix! Hello Arizona"
13. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida WFLA-TV, formerly WXFL NBC 1981-1983
15. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota KARE-TV, formerly WTCN & WUSA NBC, formerly ABC , Independent Date unknown-1983
17. Cleveland, Ohio WEWS-TV ABC 1981-1987 Also commissioned Hello News with Catch 5 Signature for Live on 5 and Eyewitness News from 1981-1986
21. St. Louis, Missouri KTVI, formerly WTVI Fox, formerly ABC 1984-1986
23. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WTAE-TV ABC Date unknown-1986 "Hello Pittsburgh!"
25. Indianapolis, Indiana WTHR, formerly WLWI NBC, formerly ABC 1980-1987 & 1992-1994 "Hello Indiana!"
WALV SkyTrak Weather Network 1992-1995 Used to air a 10pm newscast produced by WTHR
28. San Diego, California KFMB-TV CBS Date unknown
29. Nashville, Tennessee WSMV-TV, formerly WSM-TV NBC 1983-1993 "Hello Nashville!"
31. Kansas City, Missouri KCTV, formerly KCMO CBS, formerly ABC 1983-date unknown
KSMO-TV, formerly KEKR & KZKC MyNetworkTV, formerly Independent, UPN, The WB Date unknown-1983
35. Milwaukee, Wisconsin WISN-TV, formerly WTVW ABC, formerly CBS 1978-1985 First station to commission package; "Hello Milwaukee!"
38. West Palm Beach, Florida WPEC, formerly WEAT CBS, formerly  ABC 1982-1988
39. Grand Rapids, Michigan WWMT, formerly WKZO CBS 1985-unknown
40. Birmingham, Alabama WVTM-TV, formerly WAFM, WABT, & WAPI NBC, formerly ABC & CBS 1985-1987 "Hello Birmingham!"
45. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma KOCO-TV ABC 1983-1986
48. Memphis, Tennessee WREG-TV, formerly WREC CBS 1982-1985
50. Louisville, Kentucky WHAS-TV ABC, formerly CBS 1983-1985
52. Providence, Rhode Island WPRI-TV, formerly WPRO CBS, formerly ABC 1980-1986 "Hello Rhode Island"
59. Knoxville, Tennessee WVLT-TV, formerly WSKT, WTVK, & WKXT CBS, formerly ABC , NBC 1981-1985
61. Tulsa, Oklahoma KJRH, formerly KVOO & KTEW NBC 1982-1990
67. Roanoke, Virginia WSLS-TV NBC 1982-1988
69. Wichita, Kansas KSNW, formerly KARD NBC 1980-1982
70. Green Bay, Wisconsin WLUK-TV, formerly WMBV Fox, formerly NBC & ABC 1983-1985
74. Springfield, Missouri KOLR, formerly KTTS CBS 1988-1995
80. Rochester, New York WHAM-TV, formerly WOKR ABC 1982-1988
83. Springfield/Decatur, Illinois WCIA CBS 1982-1989 & 1994-1998
88. Cedar Rapids, Iowa KGAN, formerly WMT CBS, formerly DuMont 1983-1987, 1993-1996, & 2007-present
91. Colorado Springs, Colorado KKTV CBS 1981-1983 & 1985-1988
94. Waco, Texas KBTX-TV CBS 1991-1993
97. Davenport, Iowa KWQC-TV, formerly WOC NBC 1990-2007 & 2007-present Only station left which uses the original version of Hello News
104. Florence/Myrtle Beach, South Carolina WPDE-TV ABC 1986-1989
116. Peoria/Bloomington, Illinois WEEK-TV NBC 1983-1990 "Hello, Illinois!"
127. Eau Claire, Wisconsin WEAU-TV NBC 1984-1990
129. Corpus Christi, Texas KIII ABC 1984-1991
131. Amarillo, Texas KVII-TV ABC 2007-present
148. Joplin, Missouri KSNF, formerly KUHI & KTVJ NBC, formerly CBS 1983-1990

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