Hayes Barber
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Jed S. Orlemann
First appearance January 14 2005
Last appearance December 2 2005
Cause/reason Shot during the Statesville Prison riot.
Occupation Literary agent

Hayes Barber is a fictional character on the soap opera One Life to Live. He's introduced as the literary agent for Marcie Walsh, who wrote a mystery novel called "The Killing Club."

When the novel is released, murders begin to take place, which mimick the murders in the book. The first victim is Hudson Prescott, a friend of Marcie's who dies in an apartment fire; a trip wire near the bottom of the basement stairs is found in the book. The second victim is Julie Tanaka, who dies in a car accident after her tires are shot out. Weeks later, the killer mistakes a waitress for Natalie, and maker her victim number three.

Detective John McBain begins investigating the Killing Club Killer, and suspects Hayes. Hayes is arrested and questioned a few times, but is never charged with the murders, as it is never proven that he is behind the murders. Hayes begins stalking Natalie Vega, whom John cares about very much. Natalie decides that she would try to draw the killer out. Natalie fakes a note from the killer, which she drops at the Woman of the Year Award ceremony. John finds the letter, and goes after Natalie. The killer seemingly finds out about the note and grabs Evangeline Williamson, John's girlfriend.

It is later discovered that Hayes has an accomplice in Nick Messina, another member of the Love Crew. Hayes had made a deal with Nick to target Julie so that Nick could rescue her and look like a hero, because he was in love with her. The plan failed and Julie become victim number two. Hayes then blackmails Nick into becoming his accomplice. Nick nearly shoots Michael McBain, but John arrives in time to shoot Nick before any harm is done to Michael. Nick is taken to the hospital to recover, and is then sent to prison.

Hayes is arrested after trying to make Marcie and Rex Balsom his next victims. Marcie and Rex survive with the help of John. John begins beating Hayes, trying to get him to tell where he has Natalie hidden. Hayes keeps a sealed lip, and John is forced to search himself. John soon discovers that Natalie was left for dead in a pit on Llantano Mountain, and rescues her.

Carlo Hesser is sent to Statesville Prison for trying to kill Blair Cramer. Many of the inmates and guards are working for him, including Hayes. Carlo orchestrates an attempt to escape from prison, along with Hayes and Haskell, captain of guards. The plan is to start a riot, and then slip out. During the riot, Hayes is to hunt down and kill Cristian Vega, who was incarcerated for killing Tico Santi, after being brainwashed by Carlo to do so.

John, who is working to get Cristian released, goes to Statesville to warn the Warden. Hayes quickly kills the Warden by shooting him in the chest.

Hayes later dies when he is mortally wounded by a gunshot.