Cover of Fear and Loathing in Haven

Hawk and Fisher are fictional characters created by Simon R. Green and featured in the following novels:


  • Hawk & Fisher (New York, Ace 1990)
  • Blue Moon Rising (New York, Penguin/Roc 1991)
  • Devil Take the Hindmost (London, Headline, 1991)
  • The God Killer (London, Headline 1991)
  • Vengeance for a Lonely Man (London, Headline, 1992)
  • Guard Against Dishonour (London, Headline 1992)
  • Two Kings in Haven (London, Headline, 1992)
  • Swords of Haven (US) / Haven of Lost Souls (UK) (Gollancz, 1999) (omnibus)
  • Guards of Haven (US) / Fear and Loathing in Haven (UK) (Roc, 1999) (omnibus)

Hawk and Fisher are a husband and wife team on the City Guard, an order which functions rather like our modern police force in a fantasy world of mixed medieval, Renaissance, and Industrial Revolution stylings. They live in the port city of Haven, a city-state so corrupt that they can justly make the claim of being the only Guards who have never taken a bribe or looked the other direction. They deal with everything from pick-pockets to wide-scale destructive magic.


Hawk was tall, dark, but no longer handsome. A series of old scars ran down the right side of his face, and a black silk patch covered his right eye. He didn't look like much. He was lean and wiry rather than muscular, and he was beginning to build a stomach. He had only just turned thirty, but already there were streaks of grey in his hair. It would have been easy to dismiss Hawk as just another bravo, but there was something about Hawk; something hard and unyielding and almost sinister

— Simon R Green
  • Uses a large, short handled battle axe due to his lack of depth perception due to his missing eye, which Hawk says, in Guard Against Dishonor, he pawned. And in Hawk and Fisher, he said he lost in a card game. In reality, a demon "clawed it out of his head" in the book Blue Moon Rising.

Isabelle Fisher[]

She was tall, easily six feet in height, lithely muscular, and her long blond hair fell to her waist in a single thick plait, weighted at the tip with a polished steel ball. She was in her mid- to late-twenties, and handsome rather than beautiful. There was a rawboned harshness to her face which contrasted sharply with her deep blue eyes and generous mouth. Somewhere in the past, something has scoured all the human weaknesses out of her, and it showed

— Simon R Green
  • Uses a sword and, in the city of Haven, is widely considered an expert at using it.