Hank J. Wimbleton is the main protagonist of the Madness Combat series of Flash animations. He has played a major role in every Madness Combat episode, with the exception of Madness Combat 8: Inundation (in which his corpse only appeared as a cameo in the foreground), Madness 5.5 (in which he only appeared motionlessly, for no more than a quarter of a second), and Madness Combat 6.5 as it depicted Sanford and Deimos fighting L33t Agents. In the animations Hank has died 6 times, and been revived again, by an unknown medium known as the Higher Powers. Each death has left Hank mutilated and stitched back together; he conceals his injuries beneath his clothing, including a black scarf worn over the lower half of his face to cover up his missing lower jaw, various bandages across his head and torso, and his distinctive red goggles in each Madness Combat animation following Madness Combat 4. Eventually in Madness Combat 9: Aggregation, Hank is increased to several times his normal size, mutated and has his intelligence reduced by the "MAG" process.

Overall, Hank has killed 520 people in the series, more than all the other main characters combined. Hank's name was not revealed until Madness Combat 8; his name is said right before he was killed.

Hank begins his murderous spree in order to kill The Sheriff for unknown reasons; however, in the course of his constant battle against the fanatical organization A.A.H.W. (Agency Against Hank Wimbleton), the Sheriff has been supplanted as an opponent by an individual with supernatural powers who is apparently Jesus Christ. Eventually his constant nemesis has become the reality-warping masked zombie clown, Tricky, a seemingly unstoppable mutant monstrosity that, much like Hank, recovers over and over from his incapacitating injuries. Tricky may have finally been defeated by Jesus, leaving Hank to confront the equally supernatural shadowy figure who has been repeatedly rebooting the Clown via computer, known only as The Auditor.