Forgotten Realms country
Capital Halarahh
Government Magocratic oligarchy
Ruler King Zalathorm
Population 1,675,000 (est.)
Races Humans, dwarves, halflings, elves, half-elves

Halruaa is a land of wizards in the fictional fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms. The fabled, quiet and wealthy magocracy of Halruua is justly depicted as a land of wonders. Created by archwizards foreseeing the fall of Netheril, this land combines the peace and harmony of Cormyr with the magic powers of Thay (Like Thayans, they practice circle magic and two thirds of Halruaans have magical powers of some sort)[citation needed].

Well protected by mountain ranges on three sides acting as natural fortifications (Nathaghal-North Wall, Muaraghal-East Wall, and Lhairghal-West Wall) and the Great Sea along the south and lead by a score of diviners, Halruaans live in a perfect haven. They don't really want to leave their place except for adventuring and why would they?[attribution needed] Nowhere else in Faerûn would they find a better place than home.

The nation is divided into sections by three rivers that meet at Lake Halruaa in the center. Along its northern shores lies the small capital city of Halarahh, with around 8000 habitants.

Halruaa is not safe from harm, though. They are constantly under the threat of the Crinti marauders from Dambrath and next to them (although separated by a mountain range) lies Rethild, the Great (and cursed) Swamp.

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  • Arcane Schooling

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