Dungeons & Dragons Deity
Title(s) Gnarly One, King of the Land Below the Roots, Boss of the Earth Elementals, Earthlord
Home Plane Plane of Earth
Power Level Greater
Alignment True Neutral
Portfolio Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time
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In many Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings, Grumbar is the "Elemental Lord of the Earth." Ed Greenwood created Grumbar for his home Dungeons & Dragons game, inspired by the deity Grome, created by Michael Moorcock for his Elric stories. He is closely associated with solidity, unchanging forms, and the earth. He is known for his insouciance to his devoted followers; thus, the Church formed in his name is heterogeneous and chaotic. His alignment is Neutral.

Grumbar's foe is usually Akadi, and he has dependable allies in Kurtulmak and Dumathoin. The holy symbol of Grumbar is a sardonyx combined with the symbol of Grumbar (mountains of earth) and is worn by priests of Grumbar.


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