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Alignment Neutral
Type Aberration
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the grick is an aberration. It resembles a large (roughly eight feet long and two feet wide and tall), green- and white-colored slug/snake-like creature of which one end bears a vulture-like beak ringed by four barbed tentacles.


The grick apparently prefers to lurk in the shadows in urbanized, high population, slightly underground areas, and attacks when hungry or frightened. When prey (virtually anything that moves) comes near, it lashes out with its tentacles. Due to the weakness of its jaws compared to the rest of its body, it prefers to drag the ensnared food back to its lair to be consumed at the grick's own leisure rather than tearing it apart and eating it whole right then and there. The grick's rubbery hide can absorb most blows from an attacker, but the beak, however, is a weak spot, as are the tips of the tentacles.

The grick is usually solitary, but sometimes groups together in clusters of two to four. Grick clusters do not fight in concert, nor do they have much love or loyalty for one another. Each one will attack whatever is closest or causing the most damage to it, and will break away from the cluster and go back to its individual lair once it has acquired prey.


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