Gray Anderson
First appearance Pilot
Created by Stephen Chbosky
Portrayed by Michael Gaston
Gender Male
Occupation Mayor, salt mine owner
Family Unknown
Children Unknown
Relatives Unknown

Gray Anderson is a fictional character on the U.S. post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. He won a mayoral election against Johnston Green in episode 11 "Vox Populi" in the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas. He is played by Michael Gaston.

Gray is Johnston Green's main political rival, and his opponent for the position of mayor at the time of the attacks. He regularly tries to place himself in a position of authority in the aftermath, but is initially reined in by Green. Later Green sucker-punches him in the mayor's office and warns him that trying to usurp Green's authority would tear the town apart.

In episode 3, "Four Horsemen", Gray is sent out as a scout to try and gather information about what has happened to other parts of the country. He announces he will head east towards Topeka. The last we see of him, he is driving in his SUV, replying to a radio transmission. He returns to Jericho in episode 7, "Long Live the Mayor", delivering the news that New York City has survived the attacks, but Washington D.C. has not, nor has Lawrence. During this episode, with Mayor Green ill, Gray gains more control over the town's government.

With the Mayor's illness worsening, Gray asserts his "authority" even further, as evidenced in episode 8, where he conducts an interrogation on Robert Hawkins and family.

In episode 11, "Vox Populi", the Jericho mayoral election results in Gray replacing Green as the mayor of Jericho.

In episode 13, "Black Jack", Gray is leading a town meeting, explaining to the populace of Jericho their current energy situation, and that if something isn't done soon, they will lose all electrical power in two weeks. After hearing numerous suggestions for alternative energy sources, Gray follows Heather's suggestion of building a windmill to generate power. Gray then organises a team of people to go to Black Jack Fairgrounds in order to trade for the parts needed for construction of a windmill.