Publication information
Publisher Cartoon Network
First appearance Operation: Z.E.R.O.
Created by Tom Warburton
In-story information
Alter ego Mr. Uno Snr
Abilities Reality Warping, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Energy Beam Attack, Senior Citizombiefication, Fire Manipulation and Projection, Invulnerability, Extremely High-Intelligence, Leadership, Mutation, Duplication, Telekinesis.

Grandfather is a fictional villain from the animated television series Codename: Kids Next Door. His first and so far only appearance was in the feature length episode Operation: Z.E.R.O.. He is voiced by Neil Ross.


As revealed during the opening sequence of Operation: Z.E.R.O., Grandfather was once the supreme evil power in the world and he enslaved the world's children and forced them to work in factories making tapioca pudding. He was the father of Monty Uno/Numbah Zero and Benedict Uno/Father. One day, Numbuh Zero got so sick of making tapioca he ran away with Benedict following him then his two sons accidentally came across the Book of KND hidden in a secret room beneath an old tree.

With the book and the hope it created, the older son became Numbuh Zero and led the kids in a revolt against Grandfather. Using 2x4 technology, Numbuh Zero destroyed Grandfather's factories and erased his memories and powers, rendering him powerless.

After the battle, Grandfather was reduced to a harmless old man and languished in a retirement home.

Appearance in Operation Z.E.R.O. in the present day[]

For an unknown number of years before his memories were returned to him by his younger son (Now the villain Father), who used the KND recommissioning module on him in the hope that Grandfather would further his plans to rule the world. With his memories and powers returned to him, Grandfather turns on Father, pouring scorn on him for being weak, and announcing that he will take over the world himself by turning everybody who had ever been a kid into a Senior-Citizombie. Grandfather then turns the franchise's adults and teen villains into Senior-Citizombie minions and sends them out to transform the rest of the world.

Grandfather was nearly able to control the entire world but was thwarted by the KND, as the only one's who stood in his way was Numbuh Zero, Numbuh One, Benedict, and the temporarily recommissioned Sector Z.

Grandfather said his weakness was hope. When he went searched for the Book of KND to destroy it his two sons stopped him, Grandfather made Father so angry he grew back his shadow suit and was about to scare them off until he gave up. Numbuh Zero refused to get the book of KND so he made resist Senior Citizombification until he was a Senior Citizombie, he managed to get the book of KND and was about to destroy it but a light formed which signaled Sector V which managed for them to drop the entire moonbase on top of Grandfather. He survives the impact.

Grandfather was finally defeated when he was lured into the KND Moonbase's Decommissioning Chamber where his memories and powers were erased for a second time, causing him to revert to his prior harmless form. It is unknown whether Grandfather will make a reappearance, but it is unlikely since the recommissioning module is destroyed, and it is unlikely that any villain would restore him in evil form.

During the course of events, it is revealed that Nigel Uno's father, Montgomery Uno, is the legendary Numbuh Zero, who defeated Grandfather the first time, thus making Father (real name Benedict Uno) Nigel's uncle, and Grandfather Nigel's actual paternal grandfather. This leads Nigel to say, in a Star Wars moment, "That means Grandfather is my Grandfather!"


Grandfather is a powerful reality warper with the ability to fly, and to launch energy beam attacks.

Grandfather is the most powerful KND villain ever yet. Like Father he has a black-shadow suit that covers his body that grants him super-natural powers

His signature move is to turn people into senior-citizombies: Rapidly aged, slave-like versions of their former selves who also possess the power to turn others into senior-citizombies, and to transform his surrounding to match his idea of how the world should be by changing buildings into tapioca factories, and restyling modern fixtures and fittings to their old-style equivalents, it is shown that Grandfathers entire body is capable of mutating people such as when Cree flew into him she was mutated in an instant unlike senior citizombies who need to make direct contact with their hands

Grandfather is almost impervious to harm, as evidenced when he survived a direct hit from the KND Moonbase when it fell to Earth without suffering any noticeable damage, even without his shadow suit he still has great powers evidenced when he created another shadow suit out of everybody elses shadows.

It is entirely unknown whether Grandfather or Father is the more powerful. Grandfather's visible facial response to Father's show of power near the end of the film was something akin to a cross between shock and fear. Father seemed unaffected by the zombification process, despite the fact that he was within range of the initial wave of transformations of the franchise's villains. (Given that Grandfather dismissed Father as 'useless' when he regained his powers, it is possible, though highly unlikely, that he simply chose not to bother with transforming him, but this is unconfirmable.) However, Father claimed that Grandfather was more evil than himself, though it is unknown if Grandfather is indeed the more powerful.

Family tree[]

Grandfather Uno
Monty Uno
(Numbuh Zero)
Mrs. Uno
Benedict Uno
Nigel Uno
(Numbuh One)
Delightful Children from Down the Lane
(Sector Z)


Appearance: Tall and Skinny, evil shadow, long beard and ear hair, hooked nose (only visible in certain angles)

KNDanger Rating: 100.0

Age: Probably in his 80's

Alias: Pappy (Monty and Benedict call him this)

Intelligence: Above average

Speed: Pretty Fast

Powers/Abilities: Extremely High

Crimes (Offenses caused): Turning kids and adults into Senior Citizombies, Turning KND tree houses in tapioca factories (ZERO)

Failed Plans: Destroying the Book of KND

Used powers: Turning people into Senior Citizombies, treehouses into tapioca factories, shooting beams out of his eyes, and making things old fashioned.

Weapons: None (but has extreme powers)

Known Henchmen: Senior Citizombies

Affiliations/Superiors: Himself

Enemies: The KND (especially his grandson), Numbah Zero, Father, anybody who ignores him.

Current Status: Inactive, Memory and powers erased.

Close Relatives: Numbah Zero (Monty Uno)and Father (Benedict Uno). (Sons) Numbah One (Nigel Uno). (grandson)

Voice Actor: Neil Ross.


Friends: Senior Citizombies
Enemies: Monty Uno, Benedict Uno, Numbuh 1