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Created by Daniel Brandt
Launched 2002

Google Watch is a website launched in 2002 by Daniel Brandt.[1] Brandt states that the website's goals are to report on invasion of privacy issues.[2] Brandt has stated that he intends the site to act as a "point of reference for privacy advocates, journalists and bloggers".[3]

Critiques of Google[]

Among Google Watch's criticisms of Google are that it collects personal data on its users and does too little to protect that data.[4][5]

Google Watch documents concerns about privacy risks arising from Google's use of long-lived HTTP cookies.[5]

Brandt expressed privacy concerns with Google Print, which unlike libraries, keeps track of who reads a given book and could pass that information on to the government.

Actions taken[]

To illustrate the view that Google's search engine could be subjected to manipulation, Google Watch implemented a Google bomb by linking the phrase "out-of-touch executives" to Google's own page on its corporate management. The attempt was mistakenly attributed to disgruntled Google employees by The New York Times, which later printed a correction.[6][7]

Google Watch continues to raise Google-related privacy issues, particularly its use of cookies which have a life span of more than 32 years and incorporate a unique ID that enables creation of a user data log.[8] It has also made allegations about connections between Google and the NSA and the CIA.[5]


A May 2003 PC World article described Google Watch as "perhaps justifiably paranoid",[4] however Google's defenders assert that Google Watch offers very little evidence to back up its allegations.[5]

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