Goliath is an armored truck built by Garthe Knight to destroy Michael and KITT. Goliath appears in two episodes: "Goliath" (1983) and "Goliath Returns" (1984). It is similar to a Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker.


  • Goliath:

Michael goes to Las Vegas to help a woman named Rita Wilcox, whose brother has gone missing. Elsewhere, Devon has a meeting with Elizabeth Knight, Wilton Knight's widow, who remains involved with funding the Foundation, although Devon distrusts her motives. Both Devon and Michael are stunned to find Wilton's criminal son, Garthe Knight, who has been in an African prison for four years, has returned to the picture. Things get more complicated when Michael learns Rita is also involved with Garthe, and her brother was conducting some kind of investigation on him. Michael uncovers her brother's audio tapes containing information on a place known as "Red Bluff", a classified weapons storage facility deep in the Nevada desert. Red Bluff currently holds a collection of tactical missiles which would be dangerous in the wrong hands, especially a third world nation. When Michael learns Garthe is secretly meeting with an African military general named Tsombe Kuna, the pieces come together. Just how Garthe intends on getting the missiles out of the highly guarded facility isn't certain; that is until Michael comes face-to-face with a massive semi truck known as "Goliath" which is protected with the same indestructible molecular bonded shell technology as KITT. Garthe shows Michael just how unstoppable Goliath is when he lures Michael to a dry lake for a showdown. Goliath clobbers KITT in a collision that nearly destroys him. KITT is immobilized, and Michael is left for dead, but he manages to get KITT back on his wheels and uses the turbo boost as a makeshift ram jet to get them back home. April repairs KITT and installs a powerful laser weapon which may give him an edge against Goliath. Elsewhere, Michael surprises Garthe when he shows up alive and well at the casino and embarrasses Garthe by beating him at a craps table. In anger, Garthe chases Michael down in his Mercedes, but Michael lures him into a trap where Devon and April hold him hostage. Michael then poses as Garthe to fetch Rita from the casino, and intercept Goliath before General Kuna uses it to break into Red Bluff. In the meantime, Garthe manages to escape and rushes to stop Micheal before he can plant a bomb on Goliath. Once Michael is discovered, he is taken prisoner by General Kuna and is forced to watch Goliath smash its way into Red Bluff. A squad of Kuna's soldiers then load the missiles into Goliath's trailer. Michael isn't finished yet, and has KITT cause a disturbance so he can slip away. Back inside KITT, Michael chases down Garthe to confront him in a final showdown before Kuna can take possession of the weapons.

  • Goliath Returns:

Garthe Knight escapes from prison; broken out by his menacing truck "Goliath" which crashes through the prison walls. Meanwhile, Michael is attending a reception for Dr. Klaus Bergstrom, a brilliant scientist who is in town for a symposium on laser technology. Since Bergstrom's knowledge would be quite valuable to an enemy government, the Foundation is assigned to protect him, however things get complicated once Michael learns of Garthe's escape and the sudden appearance of Goliath which was thought to be destroyed. Later, Garthe teams up with another familiar enemy, Adrianne Margeaux, who once tried to steal KITT. Her technicians have rebuilt Goliath and this time made certain the truck's weaknesses have been eliminated. Soon, Garthe raids the Foundation and abducts Devon and April in a plan to lure Michael into a trap. With Michael temporarily out of the way, Garthe and Adrianne abduct Dr. Bergstrom and replace him with a surgically altered clone to deceive his niece Christina. Christina becomes suspicious that her uncle is an impostor after he loses his limp caused by a sprained ankle the night before. Michael arrives to check on her and confirms her suspicions that her uncle is a fraud. To avoid further complications, Michael has Christina play along with the ruse while he tries to locate Devon and April. Michael and KITT find Adrianne's estate where Garthe is holding Devon, April and Dr. Bergstrom prisoner. The duo doesn't get far when they encounter Goliath blocking their path. Veering out if the way, KITT flies off a cliff but is saved by his new emergency parachute, however KITT is disabled in a rough landing. Garthe's thugs soon capture Michael and he's introduced to Garthe's dungeon; a rat infested cell just like the one Garthe was held captive inside of in Africa. KITT is held in a garage with his nemesis Goliath. Elsewhere, Devon, April and Bergstrom rig an explosive to escape their cell, but they are quickly captured again. Garthe reveals that Bergstrom will be "sold" to an interested government and smuggled out of the country via submarine which is waiting off the coast. Devon and April's fate will be to die along with Michael once Garthe self-destructs the mansion. Michael eventually escapes the dungeon by tricking the guards with an assembled recording of Adrianne's voice. He quickly fixes KITT and rushes to fetch Christina and has the impostor Bergstrom arrested. Once Christina is safe, Michael returns to the estate to rescue Devon and April before the whole place blows. He then races to rescue the real Bergstrom from Goliath's trailer and stop Garthe and Adrianne once and for all. After Michael saves Bergstrom, Adrianne grabs the steering wheel and she and Garthe Knight drive off the cliff.