Glyph is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers toy and comic book line. They are both female Autobot scientists.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Affiliation Autobot
Sub-group Convention Exclusives, Female Transformers, Mini-Vehicles
Alternate modes 1967 VW Beetle
Series Transformers: Universe

Glyph is a female Autobot and scientist.

3H Enterprises

Glyph is a female Autobot who was dispatched aboard a vessel named Sojourner's Passage-after a section of the Covenant of Primus-on a long distance exploration mission by Rodimus Prime shortly after the defeat of Unicron. One of several such scientists, Glyph nonetheless appears to have been one of the few survivors, crash landing on a planet inhabited by primitive humanoids with only Tap-Out, her comrade in arms, for protection. For several hundred years afterwards-throughout the remainder of World War I and the Pax Cybertronia-Glyph remained on the planet, studying the humanoids in her role as an archaeometrist. During her studies, she became familiar with their legends of "the Protectors", a group of legendary heroes meant to protect an alien energy source they called "the Divine Light", which had landed on their planet generations ago.


The Wreckers on Archa 9. Left to right - CatSCAN, Tap-Out, Apelinq, Glyph, Primal Prime and Ramulus

Glyph found her faith in the legend confirmed when the Wreckers under Primal Prime arrived. Believing them to be the Protectors, she told them the legends, warning that they had to keep the Divine Light from falling into the hands of "five faced demons". The prophecy took on an eerie truth as the Divine Light was stolen by the Decepticon Cyclonus, who departed to deliver it to his master Cryotek, an ally of the Quintessons. When the Wreckers left Archa 9 they took Tap-Out with them, but left CatSCAN and Glyph on the planet.


  • Universe Mini-Vehicle Glyph (2002)
A 2002 BotCon exclusive repaint of the Autobot Bumblebee keychain.

Transformers: Animated

A verions of Glyph exists in the Transformers Animated series, who is very similar to the original character.[1]


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