Glenn Bernard Humplik (born April 30, 1966 in Verdun, Quebec) is a long time co-host to the cult television hit The Tom Green Show. Early in Glenn's career, he hosted "Nightfall" and "Soundclash" radio shows on the University of Ottawa's radio station CHUO. While working on the Tom Green show in Ottawa with Rogers Television, then later with MTV, Glenn continued his career as a programmer for a Canadian hi-tech company. Tom Green would sometimes beg Glenn during the show to give up his job and come to work full time on the Tom Green Show. Tom, during a show with MTV, once threatened, in good humour, to give the television audience Glenn’s home phone number if he didn't come attend a taping of a show.

Glenn was often the butt of Tom's jokes, more so as his series The Tom Green Show progressed, and especially during the MTV years, going so far as to release Glenn's personal e-mail and home phone number.

Glenn came back as co-host of The New Tom Green Show, which, while more laid back, still focused largely on pranks at Glenn's expense. A weekly segment of the show was Where Will Glenn Sleep?, wherein the audience chose three different possibilities for Glenn's sleeping location that night, all of which were terrible. Viewers voted through the website on Also, during an appearance by Andy Dick, Glenn and Andy wrestled and Glenn got his thumb broken. Andy came back the next day unexpectedly to apologize.

Glenn played guitar in the electro-punk band Daiquiri from 1999 to 2001 and played on their album Third World Budget, released in 2000. Glenn left the band for Los Angeles in 2001 and the band continues as a duo to this day.

Glenn has not made any appearance on Tom Green's popular website or new live internet show, Tom Green Live, although when fans ask about Glenn, Tom replies that he is not legally allowed to talk about him. This item has become somewhat controversial amongst Tom Green's fanbase.

Recently, Glenn launched and contributes to a Pop Culture blog blogzine at

Glenn is back working in the hi-tech industry and lives in Ottawa Canada with his daughter Mira who was born in 2007.

Current Relationship with Tom Green[]

The status of Tom and Glenn's current relationship and the circumstances that caused Humplik to not appear on Tom Green's website or new live internet show, Tom Green Live, are scarcely known. Green replies to fans' questions about Humplik that he is not legally allowed to talk about Glenn. Some speculate that Humplik wishes to have a life out of the spotlight. Others posit that Green's comments on the illegality of mentioning Humplik traces to a lawsuit settled out of court which forbade Tom from associating Glenn with his comedy. When referring to it on Humplik's own website, he says that this was another part of his life, hinting that he's moved on.

In February of 2010 during Tom Green's appearance on The Opie & Anthony Show, a caller asked if he had heard from Glenn recently to which Tom responded that he was doing well living in Ottawa and that he simply decided that he didn't want to pursue a career in show business.

Glenn also refuses to make mention of Tom on Twitter, and prefers to live his own life. He is still on close contact with Phil Giroux and Derek Harvie.

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