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Alignment Neutral
Type Magical beast
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the girallon is a magical beast. It is a more intelligent, more dangerous, and more unusual version of the gorilla. It is large, being eight feet tall, and is covered in white fur (though other hues are known to exist). More distinguishing, however, is the fact that girallons have four arms. Some depictions also show them with a dinosaur's tail.

Girallons are savage creatures. They stalk in temperate forests, walking on their legs and two lower arms, and conceal themselves in piles of leaves or behind trees when victims come near. It then bursts its way out and attacks. The girallon picks up and takes away smaller opponents, often before any companions it has can do anything, while larger opponents it tears to shreds with its four, deadly, muscular arms.

If a girallon hits with two or more of its claws at a time it performs a rend attack, savagely tearing at the flesh of an opponent.

They cannot speak, being animals.

Despite their savage habits, they are regarded as neutral in alignment.


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