Gina Cross
Gina seen as the holographic guide in Half-Life's tutorial Hazard Course.
Game series Half-Life series
First game Half-Life

Doctor Gina Cross is a fictional character in the Half-Life series of first-person shooter computer games. She first appeared as the holographic guide for Gordon Freeman in Black Mesa's Hazard Course and then later as one half of the protagonist team in Half-Life: Decay.

According to Decay, Cross is a 31 year old Hazardous Environment Supervisor with level 4 security clearance. She is the senior physicist assigned to handling of anomalous materials at the Anomalous Materials Laboratory in the Black Mesa Research Facility. She graduated from Caltech and has a Ph.D. in applied physics. The instruction manual also mentions bioengineering and mechanical engineering. She is the designer of the HEV suit, and it is mentioned that she had tested the prototype for a Mark V suit, although it is unknown how this is related, if at all, to Gordon's Mark V suit in Half-Life 2. Her personal HEV suit is tan colored.

Half-Life: Decay[]


Gina Cross (right) along with Colette Green (left).

In Decay, Dr. Cross is the one who delivers the GG-3883 crystal sample to the delivery system (An event witnessed by Barney Calhoun through a security camera during Blue Shift) and then heads to an area below the test chamber, where Dr. Colette Green is stationed, to fix a jam in the lift that allows the specimen to be delivered up to Gordon. After the resonance cascade occurs, Dr. Cross teams up with Dr. Green to battle their way through the now alien-infested facility. They first escort Dr. Rosenberg to the surface to contact the military, and then under the guidance of Dr. Richard Keller, they succeed in starting a resonance reversal to help lessen the effects of the dimensional rift.

Although the outcome for Dr. Cross, along with the rest of the survivors in Decay, is unknown, a body resembling hers can be found by Adrian Shephard in the expansion pack Opposing Force located in one of the Displacer's Xen teleport destinations. The actual model name for this body is gina.mdl, which would suggest that the corpse truly belongs to Cross, but since Opposing Force was released two years before Decay, some fans argue that the events in the latter could not have been taken into account yet and that this body was just intended to be another member of Black Mesa's research team.


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