Heroscape Race
Affiliation Ullar
Species Giant
Homeplanet Feylund
Number of Sets 1

The Giants[]

The Giants in the Heroscape Universe are a minor species from Feylund. They are apparently not counted among the allies of the Elves, Werewolves or the Undead. Jotun is currently the only known Giant in Valhalla.

Giant technology appears very similar to Earth’s Middle Ages.


Giant Sets that have appeared:

Raknar’s Vision:

  • Jotun

Giant Warrior wielding a giant sword
(“Halgo, Demicus!” Jotun called, as the many barbarians of the forest planet, Feylund, finally blanketed him with enough ropes to pull him to the ground. Never before had the colossal giant been in fear for his life. "Brothers, save me!" Jotun cried out, as one of the ruthless barbarians climbed to Jotun’s chest and raised his spear skyward to finish their evil task. But fate intervened just in time as Ullar summoned Jotun to his cause, thereby forever placing the mighty giant in his debt.)


  • The figure’s name “Jotun” is also the Norse word for “Giant
  • Giants are said to have constructed a mighty structure on Valhalla in ancient times, suggesting that Jotun may not be the first of his kind brought to Valhalla.

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