Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Type Outsider
Subtype Demon
Source books Lost Empires of Faerun, Monsters of Faerun
First appearance
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the ghour are a species of demon.


Ghour are demons under the service of the demon lord Baphomet. They work the will of their tyrannical, evil master among the minotaurs, ogres, and renegade giants under his control, commanding them with an iron fist.


Ghour are native to the Abyss.

Typical physical characteristics[]

Ghour resemble giant, primordial, fiendish minotaurs with hulking, brown, muscular, relatively hairless bodies, small horns, and feet with cloven hooves.


Ghour are always chaotic evil in alignment.


Ghour demons are typically solitary, but sometimes work in gangs. They are always accompanied by minotaurs, ogres or giants.


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