Gex: Enter the Gecko
PlayStation cover
Developer(s) Crystal Dynamics (PlayStation)
Realtime Associates (Nintendo 64)
David A. Palmer Productions (Game Boy Color)
Publisher(s) Crystal Dynamics (PlayStation)
Midway (Nintendo 64 & PC)
Crave Entertainment (Game Boy Color)
Designer(s) Evan Wells
Glen A. Schofield
Jeffrey Zwelling
Series Gex
Platform(s) PlayStation
Nintendo 64
Game Boy Color, PC
Release date(s) PlayStation
NA January 31, 1998
EU January 26, 1998
Nintendo 64
NA August 31, 1998
Game Boy Color
NA December 1, 1998
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: K-A
Media CD-ROM
System requirements Windows 95 or higher (PC)
Input methods DualShock, Nintendo 64 controller

Gex: Enter the Gecko is a 3D platformer video game released in 1998. It is the sequel to the 1995 sidescroller Gex. The game involves collecting 3 types of remotes to unlock different levels, and to aid in the fight against Rez.


Since his retirement from the public eye in 1996, Gex has resided himself to a life of solitude. For two years Gex started his day watching Kung-Fu Theater (Supermarket Sweep in the European release), eventually life started to feel like a telethon (he states that days, then weeks blurred into one, long, sunny afternoon chat show).

One day, Gex was watching his TV when it suddenly went blank. The screen then began to flash a familiar face, over an over again, the face was that of Rez. The next thing Gex knows, two government agents show up at his side, requesting Gex's help. Gex denies, saying he's already saved the universe once. One of the agents then beats Gex over the head with a crowbar, knocking him unconscious.

When Gex wakes up, he realizes he is in an interrogation room. The two agents ask him what he knows about Rez, Gex tells them everything. Once again they ask for his help, one of the agents reaches under the table, pulls out a briefcase and slides it over to Gex. Gex opens it and sees that it full of cash, and immediately starts counting it. Just when Gex thinks it couldn't get any better, the other agent tosses him a secret agent suit. Gex agrees to help them. The two agents give him a map, and say they want Rez to "disappear", instructing him to hide the body between Jimmy Hoffa's and Spuds MacKenzie's.

As Gex leaves the building, a beautiful female agent walks up to him, and introduces herself as "Agent Xtra", she wishes him good luck and leaves. Gex then leaves to the Media Dimension.

Once Gex is in the Media Dimension, he navigates through several channels. Cartoon; horror; sci-fi; futuristic; Kung-Fu; Pre-history; Rezopolis; and Channel Z. Once Gex navigates through Rezopolis and Channel Z, he fights the overlord again. By dropping a large TV on top of him, Gex defeats Rez. Rez once again transforms into a ball of energy, and is then trapped in the same TV Gex dropped on him.

Rez tells Gex that he is his father, Gex asks how that could be possible. Rez says that he didn't always look like he does now, and that he fell into a scrap heap while trying to steal cable. Regardless, Gex picks up the remote, and is about to turn off the TV, when Rez begs him not to, saying he will do anything. Gex then shuts off the TV and makes a snide remark. To this day it still not known whether Rez truly is Gex's father, possibly meaning a retcon, or whether this was merely a reference to Star Wars.

Gex is last seen in a hotel room with (in a cameo appearance) Nikki, from the Pandemonium video games (particularly her Pandemonium 2 look).

Game overview[]

TV Channels[]

Gex gecko screen

Screenshot of Gex attacking a Frankenstein zombie.

Enter the Gecko features numerous worlds, or "channels"; each of which Gex must travel through, and complete various tasks to collect the remotes (note that the links are links to the pop culture references in the game).

  • Circuit Central: References the Internet and computer science with slight homage to Tron. This world features an energy sphere that, if Gex touches it, allows him to be full of electrical energy for a limited time to activate deactivated machinery.
    • Missions:; Honey, I Shrunk the Gecko
  • Kung-Fu Theater: "Grab some take-out and then turn some guy into Kung-Fu Chicken.

Pulling out chest hair is no fair." – Another genre inspired channel with references to martial arts cinema.

    • Missions: Mao Tse Tongue; Samurai Night Fever
  • Pre-History Channel: A channel that references pre-history and the stone-age with extensive references to The Flintstones. This level's main enemies are dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Pterodactyls. Two of its levels take place around a giant volcano, while another takes place in a lava-filled cave.
    • Missions: Pangaea 90210; This Old Cave
    • Secret level: Lava Dabba Doo
  • Rezopolis: Rez's personal channel inspired by various genres in TV-culture and movie genres such as disaster films.
    • Missions: No Weddings and a Funeral
    • Secret Level: Mazed and Confused
  • Rocket Channel: Another channel paying homage to genre of science fiction television and film, such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Gex constantly needs air in this channel, which can be refueled at certain points.
    • Missions: The Umpire Strikes Out; Pain in the Asteroids
  • Scream TV: This channel is heavily inspired by American horror movies throughout. It features monsters such as ghosts and zombies and evil Pumpkins
    • Missions: Smellraiser; Frankensteinfeld; Poltergex
    • Secret level: Texas Chainsaw Manicure
  • Titanic TV: Gex explores a channel themed around the RMS Titanic. This level is played almost entirely underwater, and is only available in the Nintendo 64 version.
  • Toon TV: Gex explores a channel home to the Saturday morning American cartoons, and makes references to cartoons such as Looney Tunes. Mallet-wielding flowers, and living stop signs are just some of the enemies Gex will face.
    • Missions: Out of Toon; Fine Tooning
  • Boss TV: The boss levels; their environments and themes vary.
    • Missions: Gilligex Isle; Mooshoo Pork; Gexzilla Vs. Mecharez; Channel Z
  • Bonus Bonanza: The bonus levels, unlocked by collecting a certain amount of silver remotes.
    • Missions: Aztec 2 Step; Thursday the 12th: In Dragnet; The Spy Who Loved Himself; I've Got the Reruns; Trouble in Uranus; Lizard in a China Shop; Bugged Out; Chips and Dips


Like Gex, Enter the Gecko features bugs which, when Gex swallows them, give him various abilities.

  • Blue Fly/Ice: Ring of ice freezes enemies.
  • Green Fly/Health: Heals Gex one point.
  • Purple Fly/Life: Gives extra life.
  • Red Fly/Fire: Ring of fire damages enemies.


  • Red - The normal remotes, unlocks new levels and areas. Can be found in all normal and secret levels.
  • Silver - Special remotes, unlocks bonus levels. Can be found in all normal levels.
  • Gold - The rarest remotes, unlocks secret levels. Can be found in all bonus and boss levels.

If the player collects all the remotes and defeats Rez, they are shown a special ending which shows much concept and promotional art.

Voice Cast[]

  • Dana Gould continues to voice Gex in the North American version, however Leslie Phillips provides the voice for Gex in the European version.
  • Bruce Robertson is the voice of Rez; interestingly, Enter the Gecko is the only game in the series that Rez talks in-game; Rez had one line in the opening movie of Gex.

Gex 64[]

Gex 64 was the Nintendo 64 port of Gex: Enter the Gecko.

This version featured a new level, which replaced the secret levels. “Gecques Cousteau,” which is centered on the RMS Titanic, is played almost entirely underwater. The only land parts of the level are at the entrance to the Titanic, which is the iceberg that sunk it.

Other changes include fewer bonus levels and fewer quotes, due to the Nintendo 64 cartridges storing significantly less data for games than CDs. The only normal level that was removed was Scream TV’s “Poltergex.”

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