Background Info[]

George Blasing, otherwise known as "Dinosaur George", is a self-taught palaeontologist. Although he doesn't has a degree in palaeontology he knows and talks like one about the subject. Dinosaur George travels throughout North America giving lectures and talks to children, students and adults in schools, colleges, libraries and meetings. He constantly states that his favourite dinosaur is Allosaurus, and he also states that the first dinosaur bone he discovered was the vertebra of an Allosaurus.

Jurassic Fight Club[]

Dinosaur George is notable for co-creating the History Channel documentary Jurassic Fight Club. He had a great deal of work in this documentary. Here is a list of things he has done for Jurassic Fight Club.

  • Wrote the series
  • Created the fight scenes
  • Hosted the Show
  • Oversaw the animation of each creature
  • Created the color patterns for each creature
  • Created the sound effects for each creature
  • Chose and interviewed all experts
  • Consulted with and assisted the editors
  • Consulted with and assisted the animators
  • Chose fight scene locations
  • Chose museums for stock footage

References to other palaeontologists[]

George Blasing shows great respect for other palaeontologists and he constantly mentions people like Thomas Holtz, Robert Bakker and Peter Larson.

Ask Dinosaur George[]

Dinosaur George makes videos on YouTube in which he answers questions about prehistory which he receives through his website, email or on Facebook and Twitter. Right now he has made 94 videos, the last one has been uploaded on 2nd June 2010.

Social Networks[]

You can follow Dinosaur George on Facebook or Twitter where he puts information, photos and videos of exhibits and talks he has made throughout the United States.


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