Directed by Julian H. Scaff
Vitto Valentinov
Produced by Julian H. Scaff
Written by Julian H. Scaff
Starring Julian H. Scaff
Vitto Valentinov
Music by Julian H. Scaff
Cinematography Julian H. Scaff
Editing by Julian H. Scaff
Release date(s) September 29, 2005 (2005-09-29)
Running time 9 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language English & Bulgarian
Budget 2,000

Genomatica is a 2005 science fiction short film written by Julian H. Scaff and directed by Scaff and Vitto Valentinov.


This short science fiction film brings together the strangely post-modern futuristic visions of Vitto Valentinov, an artist from Bulgaria, with the twisted narrative constructions of independent filmmaker Julian H. Scaff. The result is a chilling tale of scientific genius and disaster. The images are haunting, at times humorous, and at other times just plain bizarre. The construction of cinematography calls to mind films such as Citizen Kane and A Clockwork Orange, while the narrative seems to blend such disparate works as La Jetée and Duck Soup. Vitto Valentinov's portrayal is reminiscent of Peter Sellers' rendition of Dr. Strangelove.


  • Vitto Valentinov as "Dr. V. V. Genomsky"
  • Julian H. Scaff as "Himself/The Filmmaker"


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