GWX is an addon to the submarine simulation Silent Hunter III, and was released December 16th, 2006. It was developed by a team of people, with "Kpt. Lehmann" as Project Manager. It is freeware.

Kpt. Lehmann and his fellow modders had previously released the mods Grey Wolves (GW). GWX is a direct followup of this effort.

GWX is best described as a compilation of community made modifications, in a cohesive package. It is built so that no mods will interfere with each other.


An new version, GWX2.0, has been released December 16th, 2007. It is available for free download at the GWX Home Page. To support GWX2 was available one week before the official release for all who donated to Unfortunately the goodwill behind this campaign has been betrayed by some troublemakers who uploaded GWX2 for public download on the very first day it was available to donators only.


The team behind GWX is from all over the world. They have a team of testers and a dev team. They use as a main platform to advertise, spread and support GWX.

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