Frank Gari (born Frank Daniel Garofalo[1] in New York City on April 1, 1942) is a popular singer and songwriter from the late 1950s and early 1960s. His best known songs where he was a performer are Princess, Utopia and Lullaby Of Love, all of which hit the U.S. Top 40. He co-wrote with Roger McGuinn the song Beach Ball for Bobby Darin. Gari and McGuinn appeared on the 1963 record billed as the City Surfers. That year, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, becoming a jingle writer for TV commercials. Some of his early jingles included Ohio Bell, Genie garage doors, and the first Wendy's commercials as well as the early music in Leo Burnett's "Fly The Friendly Skies of United" campaign for United Airlines.

Gari is best known today as a jingle writer for television and radio stations. Gari is also one of the most sought after composers of music for television newscasts in America. His first television theme and image campaign was the popular Catch 5, originally written for WEWS-TV in Cleveland in 1970. He also continued composing jingles, such as "Be All You Can Be" for the U.S. Army, "Be A Pepper" for Dr Pepper, and four slogans for the ABC television network during the early and mid-1980s.

Gari also has international acclaim; Sky News used The Great News Package as their main theme from 1989 (when they launched their four-channel Astra lineup) until September 1993, and continued to use it (for main news bulletins on Sky News only) alongside the 'Sky Symphony' until 1995 . In 1993 he composed the 'Sky Symphony' theme for BSkyB in Europe, and the 1997 'It's On Sky' (AKA 'No Turning Back') image piece. The Sky signature from the 1990s was not only found in the news theme, but also spread to all the Sky channels, including Sky One, Sky Movies, and the defunct Sky Soap and Sky Movies Gold. The signature was combined with Great News for Sky News' 90s look. He also composed the early 1990s theme for RTL in Germany called "News Line", which was later adopted by Maryland Public Television in the US.

Television news music packages written by Frank Gari

  • Advantage
  • Allegro
  • Arizona Midday
  • B Package (now known as "Revolution")
  • Catch 5
  • The CBS Enforcer Music Collection
  • Champion News Series
  • Countdown
  • Daily News (formerly "Evolution" and "New News")
  • The Edge
  • Empire
  • Eyewitness News (ABC O&O News Collection)
  • First News
  • Good Day LA
  • Good News
  • The Great News Package
  • Hearst TV News Music Package
  • The Heat
  • Hello News
  • Hometown News
  • The Hour
  • Image News
  • Impact
  • Innovation
  • It's All Right Here
  • Making A Difference
  • The NBC Collection
    • NBC - Speed of Life
    • NBC - News Now
    • NBC - New Millennium
    • NBC - Premier
    • NBC - Flagship
    • NBC - New Generation 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Newschannel
  • News Horizon
  • News Line
  • News Series 2000
  • News Series 2000 Plus
  • News Series 2001
  • News Source Now
  • News Station
  • News Watch
  • On Your Side
  • The One and Only
  • The One and Only Channel 4 (exclusively to WJXT)
  • The One For All
  • The Paramount
  • Pride Inside
  • The Reporter
  • So Good To Turn To
  • Stimulus
  • Target News (formerly "Revolution")
  • Telemundo News Package
  • This Is Home
  • This Is Your News
  • Turn to News
  • We'll Take You There
  • We're Gonna Make a Difference
  • Where It All Happens
  • WJRT News Package
  • Working For You
  • The World at Home
  • WTAE News Package
  • WXIA News Package
  • The X Package
  • The X-2 Package
  • You've Got A Friend


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