Forrester Creations is a fictional fashion house from the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. It is located on fictional S. Haragate Avenue in Los Angeles.

History Within the Show[]

Forrester Creations was founded when Stephanie Forrester convinced her father Chicago business tycoon John Douglas to lend her and her new husband Eric Forrester 50,000 dollars to start the company. In 1993, Brooke Logan Forrester gained 51% of the stock and the CEO position, when the Forresters could not buy her BeLieF product. Eric eventually got the company back. In 2005 Stephanie discovered The Stephanie Douglas Trust stating that she has been full owner of the Forrester Creations for years. She fired and later re-hired Eric and Brooke. Then Stephanie divided the company up giving shares to her children, Eric, Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan. The company was then taken over by Nick Marone, who blackmailed the Forresters into selling it to him. Eric once again got the company back become Owner, Chairman and CEO. He later gave Ridge the CEO position, then he said he would give the Chairman position to Ridge after he retires.Then in mid 2009,Eric fired Stephanie Forrester from Forrester Creations.

In 2009, the company began facing problems when sales started going down, after Stephanie got fired by Eric sales went further down. So after Thorne and Felicia quit and Brooke took a leave of absence. The Forresters was late paying their bank loans and in order to save the company from total collapse he had to sell the company to Bill Spencer, Jr. The agreement was that on the same employees stay with the company with Katie Logan becoming Bill's CEO.

Katie tried making Ridge President and Thorne Vice President but they both turned her down, when she then asked Brooke and Donna into those positions,they accepted it.

Then in 2010,Steffy Forrester successfully blackmailed Bill Spencer.Jr into selling the company back to her family again.Then Ridge,Eric,Stephanie & Taylor became the owners of Forrester Creations,each owning 25% of the stock,which costed each of them to pay $50 Million.


  • Eric Forrester - Co-Owner (co-founder)
  • Stephanie Forrester - Co-Owner (co-founder)
  • Ridge Forrester - Co-Owner and CEO(Head Designer)
  • Taylor Hayes- Co-Owner
  • Brooke Logan - (creator of BeLieF)
  • Thorne Forrester - Head of Shipping Department
  • Felicia Forrester - Head of Public Relations
  • Rick Forrester - Head of Forrester International
  • Steffy Forrester - PR Director
  • Thomas Forrester - Public Relations Department
  • Donna Logan - (co-host of The CatWalk),Former Model
  • Marcus Walton Forrester - Shipping Department
  • Hope Logan Forrester - Intern

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