Young adult Flower is distracted by a pretty girl in Bambi

Flower is a skunk character from Disney's animated movie Bambi portrayed by Stan Alexander, Sterling Holloway, and Nicky Jones. He also appeared in Bambi II, and is widely considered to be one of the world's most famous skunks, rivaled only by Warner Brothers Pepe le Pew.[citation needed]


Flower made his first appearance in the movie when Bambi, investigating a patch of real flowers, came upon the young skunk and mistakenly dubbed him "Flower." Thumper laughed at the misunderstanding, but the bashful skunk seemed to like the name and it stuck (it has never been revealed what his name actually is). Flower made his next appearance in the movie when Bambi and Thumper, following the latter's unfortunate attempt as an ice-skating instructor, found him hibernating and succeeded in waking him up for about ten seconds.

Later, as an adult, Flower meets up with Bambi and Thumper and hears Friend Owl's speech on the dangers of falling in love - or as he calls it, "twitterpation." Like his friends, Flower vows never to let such a thing happen to him, but the appearance of a female skunk quickly changes his mind. He disappears until the end of the movie, when he is seen with the crowd rushing to see Bambi and Faline's new fawns. Although his mate is absent in this scene, Flower is accompanied by their son, whom he has named Bambi in honor of his friend.

Bambi II[]

Flower is still hibernating for much of Bambi II. Bambi and Thumper again wake him up, this time for Groundhog Day. Flower expressed hopes that the groundhog would see his shadow "so I can get back to hibernatin'." Flower's hopes were in vain, but he still joined in the rejoicing, which Ronno abruptly disturbed. Shortly thereafter, he left with an unidentified skunk, apparently one of his parents, while everyone except Bambi met up with their parents and went home.

Flower was next seen helping Thumper hide from his sisters, an endeavor quickly tossed aside when they discovered that Bambi was having problems getting along with his dad. Flower provides some humor in this scene, wherein he states, to the great confusion of the others, that "turtles are so scary." He faints later when Ronno attacks Bambi and Thumper for knocking him into the mud, and is not seen until later when, learning that Bambi's father is sending him to live with a doe named Mena, he joins Bambi's other friends to say goodbye. He is next seen using his spray to ward off one of the dogs chasing Bambi, and makes his final appearance as one of the crowd whilst Thumper tells a greatly exaggerated tale of the chase.


Although Flower was intended to be a major figure in Bambi's life, his part in the movie turned out to be only a minor one. His role suffered somewhat in the first movie from the fact that Thumper very much stole the show. Even in Bambi II, where he enjoyed considerably more screentime, he was still a far more reserved character than Thumper. He is lovable, shy and very effeminate. Although somewhat of a scaredy-cat, he's willing to do what he can when the going gets tough.

Due to his (somewhat) feminine nature, (i.e, blushing, giggling, wanting Bambi to call him flower "if he wants to") Flower is often mistaken to be a girl.

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