Star Trek: VOY episode
"Flesh and Blood"
Episode no. 155 & 156
Prod. code 253 & 254
Airdate November 29, 2000
Writer(s) Jack Monaco
Bryan Fuller
Raf Green
Kenneth Biller
Director Mike Vejar (part I)
David Livingston (part II)
Guest star(s) Jeff Yagher as Iden
Ryan Bollman as Donik
Michael Wiseman as Beta Hirogen
Cindy Katz as Kejal
Spencer Garret as Weiss
Vaughn Armstrong as Alpha Hirogen
Paul Eckstein as New Alpha Hirogen
Year 2377
Stardate 54337.5
Episode chronology
Previous "Nightingale"
Next "Shattered"

"Flesh and Blood" is a two part episode from the seventh season of Star Trek: Voyager.


Template:Cleanup-section Three years ago, Captain Janeway gave the Hirogen some holographic technology as a peace offering. They proceeded to modify it to make the holographic "prey" characters more challenging. Now they are running for their lives from ships full of homicidal holograms who want to take revenge on their hunters. However, the Hirogen manage to acquire allies to help fight the holograms-the Voyager crew. When Voyager reaches the Hirogen ship, they beam the engineer aboard, and two Hirogen ships come to get him back. But, in the meantime, the hologram ship comes and attacks the Hirogen ship and then Voyager, transferring the Doctor's program to their database in the process. The Hirogen survivors are brought aboard Voyager, and they send a message to two more Hirogen ships, telling them of Voyager's position. The holograms convince the Doctor to help them and he treats the mechanical injuries of some of the holograms. The two other Hirogen ships arrive and take back the Hirogen aboard Voyager before pursuing the holograms. Voyager follows the two ships in a wake it puts out behind them, so they won't be detected. The holograms attacked Voyager before, though and the doctor transferred himself to their ship. The holograms also beam B'Elanna Torres to help them prepare a holographic generator so they can be activated on a planet where the Hirogen can't hurt them. The Hirogen find their ship and Voyager attacks the Hirogen, so they can't destroy the holograms. The holograms intercept the Hirogen and beam them to the planet they want to live on in the future. The Hirogen can't survive there though, and the holograms try to hunt them down, like they did to them in the past, they don't succeed, and they're transferred to Voyager's database. The doctor goes back to Voyager, and the engineer hologram and the Hirogen engineer take the ship the holograms were on to stay there for the rest of their lives.

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