Fi Kydd
River City
Portrayed by Monica Gibb
Duration 2006-2008
Residence Shieldinch

Fi Kydd is a fictional character in the BBC Scotland soap River City played by Monica Gibb.[1]

Character Creation & Development[]

The character of Fi Kydd was created and introduced to River City in 2006 as the new lawyer, working alongside Archie Buchanan. The character has since departed River City in 2008 after dying in a car crash.[2]


Fi was an old friend of Archie who was a lawyer with a tragic life, having lost her husband to a car crash, her daughter to suicide after being put in prison, and a son that didn't talk to her, her job was the best thing in her life. However, Fi was an alcoholic and soon worried abour returning to her old habits.

Archie then realised that he was about to be found out, and Fi was uncovering his shady past, and what he was going to do to Gina and Liz. Eventually, he was confronted by her and agreed not to do anything to harm them, however Archie was lying to get Fi off his back, which Fi now had found out.

Fi then had Archie arrested for his crimes, but soon he was out and wanted revenge. However after Archie's apparent suicide she felt guilty, not realising he was infact alive.[1] Archie soon returned, and one night, got Fi drunk, and her demons would then return. She triggered the return of Archie's memory after appearing to be 'Douglas' and got drunk one night, causing Fi to frantically get in her car scared and drive away and tragically died in a car crash, no thanks to Archie Buchanan.[1]


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