Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Chaotic (any)
Type Fey
Source books 3E Fiend Folio, Shadow Fey
First appearance
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Feytouched are Fey. They are one step down from Half-Fey (which are the offspring of a human or giant crossbred with a Fey) and another human or giant (therefore, Feytouched are sort of half-half-Fey, or quarter-Fey).

Physical Description[]

Feytouched are a widely varied group of beings -- some are wispy and beautiful, while others are ugly and brutish. Some resemble elves, with pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes. Others look more like trolls, with warty skin and disproportioned limbs. Regardless, all feytouched have at least one feature or characteristic that is out of the norm -- vibrantly colored hair, feathered eyebrows, or a propensity for speaking in rhyme, for example. Despite their actual appearance, all feytouched are highly charismatic beings that draw attention wherever they go.


The fey are known for their curiosity (some would say obsession) with humanoids and giants, and sometimes a fey falls in love with one of these creatures. A resulting offspring of a Fey and a human or giant is a Half-Fey. If such a Half-Fey mates again with another human or giant, the offspring is the slightly more removed from their Fey heritage creature described here.

Feytouched have no cohesive culture; either they become isolated loners, or they immerse themselves in cosmopolitan society, sampling everything life has to offer. They are also drawn to the same natural settings that other fey called home. Most fey respond favorably to Feytouched and consider them distant cousins.


Feytouched rarely think of combat as something serious. They enjoy toying with their opponent, but can become truly enraged when things turn against them. They are usually baffling and erratic in combat.

Feytouched like most fey first try to avoid combat by using their charm person ability. If that fails, they will fend off attacks until they can safely flee.

In addition to this, Feytouched are also immune to mind-effecting effects and spells. Aside from this, they have no other special abilities or things that could gain them the upper hand in what are generally quick and simplistic fights.