Trade Wars Ship
Ferrengi Assault Trader
Ferrengi Assault Trader
Basic hold cost: N/A
Main drive cost: N/A
Computer cost: N/A
Ship hull cost: N/A
Ship base cost: N/A
Maximum figs per attack: 1,000
Maximum holds: 50
Initial holds: 12
Maximum fighters: 3,000
Turns per warp: 2
Mine maximum: 10
Genesis maximum: 0
TransWarp drive: No
Transport range: N/A
Maximum shields: 200
Offensive odds: 1.0
Defensive odds: 1.0
Beacon maximum: 5
Long-range scanner: No
Planet scanner: No
Photon missiles: No
Trading efficiency factor: 79
Safety rating: 3,200
Total cost: N/A

The Ferrengi Assault Trader is the primary ship used by Ferrengi to rob traders in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. It cannot be bought at Stardock; the only way to acquire it is to attack a Ferrengi and capture their ship. The Assault Trader's inability to have a scanner makes it a dangerous craft to pilot. In addition, its safety rating is rather low. Most players trade this ship in immediately.

With full holds this ship has a resale value of 52,155; with half holds, the resale value is 32,670.

Ferrengi behavior[]

Assault Traders usually only attack when they have a vast numerical advantage in fighters. They will enter a sector without warning and hail, demanding that the player surrender his cargo. It is usually not worth trying to retreat, since the Assault Trader is fast enough to match any ship's speed.


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